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Mazovia. Vaccination of wild foxes is underway. Watch out for dogs and cats

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Vaccination of free-living foxes against rabies is underway. Residents of Warsaw should be careful when walking their pets. Any contact with the vaccine must be reported to the doctor.

The action, which is carried out throughout Mazovia by the Mazovian provincial veterinarian and poviat veterinarians, started on Saturday, March 25 and will last until April 16.

The vaccine is delivered by hand and dropped from planes onto forests, fields and meadows. Discharges do not include water reservoirs, roads and built-up areas.

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Dogs on leashes, cats locked up

Vaccines are placed in a brown-green disk-shaped bait. For two weeks after its laying, residents should be careful when walking their animals. Dogs should be kept on a leash and cats should be kept indoors. Any contact of the quadruped with the vaccine should be reported to the veterinarian.

You mustn’t touch her

Humans should not touch the vaccine either. Foxes won’t take it if they smell a human. Any resident who comes into contact with the vaccine should contact a medical doctor.

Foxes will be vaccinated against rabies

Foxes are vaccinated against rabies

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