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McConaughey and Harrelson may be half-brothers. One sentence from their mother made them think

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I may be Woody Harrelson’s half-brother,” Matthew McConaughey said on the popular podcast. The actor also explained under what circumstances he and his colleague from the set of “Detective” found out about the possible relationship. And why they decided to research their family history.

McConaughey talked about his acquaintance with Harrelson in a new episode of the podcast “Let’s Talk Off Camera”, hosted by American actress Kelly Ripa. – My kids call him Uncle Woody. His children call me Uncle Matthew. When my family looks at our pictures, they often think he is me. His family confuses me with him,” said the 53-year-old actor.

McConaughey also revealed how he and Harrelson, who is eight years older than him, found out they might be half-brothers. – A few years ago, during a joint holiday in Greece we talked about how well we know each other and how close our families are. My mom was there and she said, “Woody, I knew your dad.” All the congregations picked up on how “I knew” sounded. It meant “I knew,” McConaughey told Ripa.

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaugheyPAP/Photoshot

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He explained that after that, he and Harrelson decided to research their family history. They were able to determine that there was a period when Harrelson’s father did not have a partner and his parents were just after a divorce. In addition, this period occurred shortly before McConaughey was born. “We established that there were meetings where they could ‘get to know each other,'” the actor said.

At the same time, he indicated that he was not sure whether he wanted to undergo a DNA test. As he explained, for 53 years of his life, he considered the man who raised him to be his biological father. McConaughey starred opposite his alleged half-brother in the 1999 film “Ed TV” and the series “True”, which premiered 15 years later.

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Harrelson’s father was a hit man

Harrelson’s father, Charles, was a convicted felon on multiple occasions. According to the Guardian, he was first behind bars in 1960 after committing a robbery armed with a firearm. Later he switched to crimes of even greater caliber – he became a hitman. He was proven guilty of two homicides and was acquitted of the other. In 1981, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a judge. He died in prison in 2007. Before that, he managed to say that he was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Woody Harrelson, in an interview he gave to the Guardian in 2012, recalled that he got along “quite well” with his father as a child, but after he separated from his mother, they lost contact. Charles Harrelson was sentenced to life in prison before his son began his career in the film industry.

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“Let’s Talk Off Camera”, “Guardian”

Main photo source: PAP/Photoshot

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