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McDonalds statement after insulting an employee. The company is considering a smoking ban outside McDrive

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At McDonald’s, insults, shouting and any form of violence against the team are not allowed. This is a reaction to a recording in which a woman known for participating in television programs insults a McDonald’s employee after she was asked to put out her cigarette. The company is now also considering banning smoking outside McDrive windows.

The McDonald’s Polska statement was published on Monday. “The situation took place in a restaurant of one of the franchise organizations. After receiving information about the incident, we took action”, it was written. The restaurant noted that “in the first step, we focused on supporting the restaurant team.”

McDonald’s restaurant statement

“We emphasize that McDonald’s does not allow insults, shouting and any form of violence against the team. In the safety procedures and internal training, we indicate possible forms of reaction in situations threatening the dignity and protection of other personal rights of the crew. We encourage assertiveness, setting boundaries and – if the situation requires it – call security or the police.

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The network also reported that there is currently no smoking ban on the McDrive line – a line for motorized customers, but after the recent incident it is being considered. “A request from an employee to put out a cigarette is not reprehensible. For the health, safety and comfort of employees, we are currently checking legal and operational possibilities and considering introducing such a ban”, it was reported. It was also noted that the restaurant employee involved in the incident was not punished, on the contrary – he was provided with support.

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A celebrity insults a McDonald’s employee

McDonald’s statement is a reaction to the recording that began to circulate on the Internet a few days earlier. You can see Julia von Stein, known for her participation in the TV shows “Queens of Life” and “Devilish God”, who drove up to the McDrive window. When a restaurant employee asked her to put out her cigarette, the woman reacted with an outburst of anger.

“Where is the smoking ban in my car, please tell me? What right does your employee have to tell me to put out my cigarette in the car?” – the woman shouted to the manager of the facility summoned to the place. Next, the celebrity uses many profanities, calling the station employee, among others, “kimot”. Julia von Stein, after the publication of the recording, met with a lot of criticism from Internet users, after which she apologized for her earlier behavior.

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