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McLaren fell into a hole – compensation amounted to PLN 450. The commune’s liability insurance covered the costs

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Potholes in the road are a nuisance for drivers. They can also incur significant costs. In the case of a luxury car, they can even be gigantic. The commune found out about it, which had to pay almost half a million compensation for damage to a McLaren that fell into a hole in the road and in just one day used the entire sum insured under the insurance.

Local government units are responsible for the technical condition of various facilities in the commune, including the condition of roads. Therefore, they buy liability insurance – to protect the budget from the costs of removing possible damage. What was clearly shown by the example of a hole in the asphalt into which the McLaren 570GT fell.

McLaren fell into a hole – costs from municipal insurance

“The driver was moving on the road at the speed limit. Suddenly he felt a hit and a jolt. As it turned out, the front and rear tires and the cover under the bumper were damaged. The damage was caused by a hole in the road. The costs were fully covered by the third party liability insurance commune to which the road belonged “- described the event for TVN24 Biznes Dawid Korseń from Warta.

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He explained that “the total compensation amounted to PLN 450,000, which consisted of the costs of repairing the car at McLaren’s service in Poland and renting a replacement car.”

“The repair of the car alone consumed nearly PLN 250,000. The rest is the cost of renting a replacement Lamborghini for the time when the McLaren was in the service center” – explained the auto-swiat.pl portal. He added that “the total amount for removing the damage was so high that it exhausted the guarantee sum specified in the contract signed with Warta”.

McLaren 570GTShutterstock

The representative of the insurer did not want to disclose on the roads of which commune the unfortunate event occurred.

Community insurance issue

“This type of damage happens, and if the entity responsible for road maintenance, e.g. a local government unit, is at fault, it can be covered under its civil liability policy. We do not have data on how many such situations there are” – he explained to TVN24 Biznes Łukasz Kulisiewicz, expert at the Polish Chamber of Insurance.

In his opinion, “this case shows that road managers should not ignore such a risk and that the civil liability policy should be an essential element of the financial policy of each entity.”

“The most important thing is to correctly determine the amount of the sum insured and each entity must take care of it individually. They can always turn to an insurance intermediary or insurance company for help in estimating the appropriate level. The most important thing in this matter is the fact that the commune had third party liability insurance at all did not have to cover the resulting losses from its own assets” – said Kulisiewicz.

According to the expert, “this example shows that it is worth concluding insurance contracts, because even an unlikely situation can happen”, and “a damage to such an expensive vehicle due to a damaged road surface should be considered such”.

Author:Krzysztof Krzykowski

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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