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Measles. Dead fish in the Gliwice Canal. Water use prohibited. Kłodnica is also polluted

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The Opole Voivode issued a ban on using the waters of the Gliwice Canal until the end of September. All because of a massive fish kill, probably caused by golden algae. – We installed a biostabilizer and the situation is improving – the voivode said in an interview with TVN24. According to the police in Gliwice, one person was detained in connection with the pollution of the Kłodnica River, which flows along the Gliwice Canal.

As we reported on September 10, Polish Waters in Gliwice informed in a press release that the first dead fish were noticed by employees on Thursday (September 7) during an inspection cruise in sections II and IV of the Gliwice Canal (Nowa Wieś and Rudziniec locks). That day, they fished six kilograms of dead fish out of the water. By Sunday – a total of about 150 kilograms.

Ban on using the waters of the Gliwice Canal

On September 11, the Voivode of Opole issued a regulation prohibiting the use of the waters of the Gliwice Canal on the section from the Nowa Wieś lock to the Sławięcice lock and on the section from the Sławięcice lock to the border of the Opole Voivodeship.

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“The prohibition covers in particular drinking water, entering water, bathing, catching and eating fish, watering farm and domestic animals, using water for economic purposes – including watering, practicing water sports and tourism. The prohibition does not apply to activities undertaken as part of crisis management. , construction and maintenance works. The regulation is valid until September 30. Violation of the regulation is punishable by a fine,” we read in a statement on the website of the voivodeship office in Opole.

Biostabilizer on the Gliwice CanalPolish waters

“The situation is improving”

A TVN24 journalist tried to talk to the Opole Voivode about the situation in the Gliwice Canal. Sławomir Kłosowski, getting into the car, said that the situation was improving. – We installed a biostabilizer and the situation is improving. We are working intensively to limit this phenomenon of fish kills, he said. – 640 kilograms today, but after installing the biostabilizer barrier, this amount decreases – added Kłosowski. When asked whether this situation could have been prevented earlier, the Opole voivode closed the car door.

The Opole voivode says the situation is improvingTVN24

Pollution of the Bytomka and Kłodnica rivers

Polish Waters also reported in a September announcement that on September 12, the Bytomka and Kłodnica rivers in Gliwice were polluted. Since yesterday afternoon, the Polish Waters State Water Management Board, the Regional Water Management Board in Gliwice, has been intervening in the matter of water contamination of the Bytomka and Kłodnica rivers, near Królewska Tama Street in Gliwice. The farm’s employees participated in a field visit that day, confirming the presence of a white substance in the Bytomka riverbed. Actions were taken by the following services: WIOŚ in Katowice, police officers, fire brigade and PCZK Gliwice.

Due to the situation, the inflow of the Kłodnica (receiving the waters of the Bytomka River) to the Gliwice Canal was closed by Polish Waters in Gliwice. Thanks to this, contaminated river waters were prevented from entering it. Polish Waters in Gliwice is monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with the services – we read in a message on the Polish Waters website.

Pollution of the Bytomka and Kłodnica rivers in GliwicePolish waters

Police: one person detained in connection with the pollution of Kłodnica

A 57-year-old man was arrested in connection with the pollution of the Kłodnica River in Gliwice. A walker alerted the authorities about the strange smell and color of the water. The pollutants were discharged from the property, where there were several dozen tanks with an as yet unidentified substance.

As the Gliwice police reported on Wednesday, about the pollution of the river near ul. A walker informed the services of the Royal Dam on Tuesday afternoon. The water there was a dull ash color and had a strange smell.

“After receiving a report about the unusual color and smell of water in the river, intensive investigation activities were initiated. In addition to the police and fire brigade, representatives of the prosecutor’s office, state and local government services arrived at the site,” the Gliwice police station announced. The police entered one of the properties where a substance of unknown origin was probably flowing into the river through a storm sewer.

“During the search in the warehouse, several dozen 1,000-liter Mauser tanks with an unknown substance were discovered. As a result of the activities, a 57-year-old man was arrested. The area – the place of the probable source of pollution – has been secured and is being guarded by police officers. Investigative activities under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office are ongoing, the police added.

Main photo source: Polish waters

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