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Media: Jarosław Olechowski advises the management board of Enea Innowacje

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Jarosław Olechowski, former director of the Television Information Agency, advises the management board of Enea Innowacje – Wirtualna Polska reported. Earlier, there was information that Olechowski also works at Bank Pekao.

As reported by Wirtualna Polska, Jarosław Olechowski advises the management board of Enea Innowacje, which belongs to the Enea Group. “The data posted in the company’s internal network shows that Jarosław Olechowski is an advisor to the management board, he has a company e-mail, and his place of work is the company’s headquarters at ul. Wiśniowa,” wrote WP.

We have sent questions on this matter to Enea. “Due to the applicable labor law regulations and personal data protection, we do not comment or provide the information you ask about” – we read in the response sent to the tvn24.pl business editorial office by the energy company.

WP tried to contact Olechowski, but – as reported – he did not answer the phone and did not respond to messages with questions.

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Enea Innowacje – as we read on the company’s website – “deals with projects that have a chance of becoming innovative and modern products offered by the Group in the future.”

Jarosław Olechowski at Bank Pekao

A few days ago, WP announced that Jarosław Olechowski is also an advisor to the vice-president of Bank Pekao, Piotr Zborowskiwho is considered human Jacek Sasin. Pekao is a state-controlled bank (over 30 percent of shares belong to the Polish Insurance Company and the Polish Development Fund).

Before moving to banking, Olechowski was a social advisor to the Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, and in June last year he became an advisor to the management board of the agency responsible for the security of the Polish sky.

The former journalist served as the representative of the president of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, Anita Oleksiak, for external and internal communication.

The PANSA press service informed tvn24.pl that “the basic salary for the position of PANSA President’s representative for external and internal communication” in accordance with the remuneration regulations applicable at PANSA ranges from PLN 12,000. up to 22 thousand zloty. “We learned unofficially that the former head of ‘Wiadomości’ earned the maximum salary – PLN 22,000,” wrote tvn24.pl journalist Grzegorz Łakomski last week.

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As of January 4, the head of PANSA is Magdalena Jaworska-Maćkowiak. On that day, Jarosław Olechowski was released from work. Earlier (December 22, 2023), he anticipated the dismissal of his boss and submitted his own notice.

Jarosław OlechowskiPAP/Albert Zawada

Career in TVP

Wirtualna Polska recalled that Jarosław Olechowski started on television as a reporter for “Wiadomości”, and in 2017 he started managing this program. “Then, from 2018, he was responsible for the Television Information Agency,” it was indicated. His successor was Michał Adamczyk.

The Television Information Agency is a public television unit that produced news, reportage and documentary materials commissioned by, among others, TVP Info and regional centers, as well as “Wiadomości” and “Panorama”.

Jarosław Olechowski left TVP in April 2023.

According to the information provided by the liquidator of Telewizja Polska SA in liquidation, Daniel Gorgosz, Jarosław Olechowski earned approximately PLN 1.5 million in 2023. “(…) for the employment relationship as the director of TAI – PLN 1,016,450.34 gross, for civil law contracts – PLN 407,625 gross” – we could read in a letter shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Dariusz, a member of the Civic Coalition. Ionian.

Wirtualna Polska, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: Radoslaw NAWROCKI / Forum

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