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Media: money for Bielan’s party flows mainly from entities in which it decides on staffing

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The largest donors to the Republican Party are people associated with the National Real Estate Resource, Social Housing Initiatives and the Business & Science Poland Employers’ Association, Wirtualna Polska has determined. Pursuant to the disclosed coalition agreement between this party and Law and Justice, the Republican Party has influence over the staffing of the above-mentioned entities.

Journalists of Wirtualna Polska reached the list of donations, which in 2022 were credited to the account of the Republican Party, led by the MEP Adam Bielan.

“It turns out that the party of Adam Bielan, which has existed for less than two years, in matters related to raising money for its activities, follows the path set by Law and Justice. Its donors are mainly people associated with companies and entities in which the party decides on the staffing.

Agreement between PiS and the Republican Party

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Pursuant to the coalition agreement between PiS and the Republican Party (whose provisions were revealed by Wirtualna Polska and TVN24 – ed.), Bielan’s party has influence over the filling of jobs in, among others, the National Center for Research and Development, the National Real Estate Resource, the government foundation Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości, the Employers’ Union Business & Science Poland and the Industrial Development Agency.

“For a party whose main ‘resource’ is nine MPs taken over from other parties and which has very little structure on the ground, Republicans they collected a large sum.

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The documents obtained by the journalists of Wirtualna Polska show that in 2022 alone, the account of the Republican Party received almost 141,000. PLN donations and 40 thousand. PLN of membership fees.

“WP” compared these numbers with donations to the two largest groups in Poland. In 2022, the Law and Justice account received less than 80,000. PLN donations and PLN 734 thousand. contributions. AND civil Platform gathered in 2021 341 thousand. PLN donations and PLN 1 million in contributions.

According to Wirtualna Polska, one of the most important sources of funding for Bielan’s party is to be payments from people associated with Social Housing Initiatives.

Adam BielanLeszek Szymanski/PAP

“SIMs are companies that are to build cheap rental apartments throughout Poland with the option to buy them out. They are established by local governments and the National Property Resource – a state institution created under the rule of PiS, which is to increase the availability of housing” – writes “WP”.

Previously, SIMs were supposed to be the “plot” of the Agreement Jarosław Gowin. After his parting with the government coalition and the formation of the Republican Party, under the fragment of the coalition agreement revealed by TVN24, they fell to this group.

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“Positions in KZN and entities subordinated to and supervised by KZN are filled by Włodzimierz Tomaszewski, minister and plenipotentiary of the government for the development of local government, member of the board of the Republican Party” – we read in “WP”.

The list of contributors includes, among others, Jakub Pyżanowski – vice-president of KZN, who presents himself as a regional representative of the Republican Party, who transferred a total of 9,000. zlotys. Donation – 5 thousand PLN – also paid by former MP Magdalena Błeńska, deputy head of the Bielana group, who today works in SIM Warmia and Mazury.

Over 37,000 zlotys, i.e. every fourth zloty paid for Adam Bielan’s party, came from persons related to KZN and SIM.

Money also flows from other entities

“On the list of donors of the Republican Party, we also found members of the authorities of other entities that – according to the coalition agreement – are ‘supervised’ by Adam Bielan’s people,” informs “WP”.

One of such institutions is the Business & Science Poland Employers’ Association. The money for the activities of the union comes from state-owned companies, for which the union is supposed to lobby.

According to the findings of “WP” journalists, “only in 2021, three members of the board of ZP BSP earned a total of PLN 1.3 million. The board consists of Artur Zasada (former politician of Jarosław Gowin’s Agreement), Wojciech Kasprowski (member of the board of the Republican party) and Grzegorz Andrzej Dębowski ( Lodz activist of the United Right). It is Grzegorz Gębowski who is the author of the second largest payment to the Bielan party – 9.9 thousand. zlotys.

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Also Robert Kłosowski – the president of Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości, supervised by the “Bielanists” – transferred 2,445 zlotys to the party’s account.

“He is also the head of the Silesian structures of the Republican Party, the head of the New Europe Foundation (which received PLN 600,000 in subsidies from the Ministry of Education under the so-called Willa+ program and PLN 170,000 in subsidies from the Ministry of Culture) and a business partner of Petros Tovmasyan (another member Republicans, political life commentator and restaurateur active in social media) “- writes “WP”.

Donations to the Republican Party, as reported by “WP”, are also made by people employed in state-owned companies.

7.5 thousand Paweł Skotarek, president of Geovita, a company belonging to the state-owned Polski Holding Hotelowy (previously an advisor at the Ministry of Education and Development), donated PLN 1,000 to the party of Bielan. He took up the position in Geovita in August 2022, he donated in November.

Piotr Olszówka, responsible in the party for structures in Tarnów, once employed at SIM Małopolska, today at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, paid out 1.6 thousand. zloty. And Tomasz Kuznierek, acting deputy president of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, paid 2 thousand. zloty.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP

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