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Media: Ukraine wants permission to use American weapons on Russian territory

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The United States provided artillery equipment to Ukraine with the understanding that it could not be used for attacks on Russian territory. The Wall Street Journal reports that Ukraine has also requested permission to use weapons in Russia. “The American authorities are still considering the Ukrainian application,” the American newspaper reports.

Ukraine turned to the authorities USA for permission to use American weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation – reported the American newspaper “Wall Street Journal”.

“The American authorities are still considering the Ukrainian application,” WSJ reported on Friday. “If consent is granted, it will mean a fundamental change in Washington's policy, which has long been trying to limit the risk of military escalation between the US and Russia while supporting Ukraine,” it was noted.

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The text recalled that Washington provided Kiev with artillery equipment, including the ATACMS surface-to-surface missile system, with the understanding that it cannot be used for attacks on the territory Russia. This condition, to which Ukraine agreed, was intended to prevent the war from turning into a clash between the United States and Russia, explained “WSJ”.

Frustration of the Ukrainian army

The Ukrainian media, including the UNIAN agency, had already written that Kiev was putting pressure on the White House on this matter and for this purpose a group of Ukrainian parliamentarians went to the USA.

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“We see that Russia's military is one or two kilometers from our border and there is nothing we can do about it,” said Oleksandra Ustinova, head of Ukraine's parliamentary committee on weapons and ammunition, emphasizing the frustration of the Ukrainian army.

– You give us a stick, but you don't let us use it, she added, referring to the restrictions imposed by the US on Ukrainian forces.

Main photo source: Vlada Liberova/Libkos/Getty Images

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