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Media: Ukrainians attacked the Russian airport in Kursk. Reports of damage to Su-30 and MiG-29

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On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the military counterintelligence of the Security Service (SBU) of Ukraine, using 16 drones, attacked the Kursk airport in Russia, the Ukrainian Pravda portal wrote, citing its own sources. The kamikaze drones were to damage, among others, four Russian Su-30 aircraft, a MiG-29 fighter and two Pancyr anti-aircraft systems.

At the time of the attack, there were air defense assets and a number of aircraft at the Russian airport. Ukrainian forces launched 16 kamikaze drones that hit four Su-30 multi-role aircraft and one MiG-29 fighter, Ukrainian Pravda reported.

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Among the targets hit were also the S-300 system radars and two Pancyr-S1 anti-aircraft systems (code FOR THIS – SA-22 Greyhound).

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According to the SBU, almost all of the drones hit the designated targets, the Russian anti-aircraft defense managed to disable only three of them.

Su-30 aircraft on the apron of Kursk airport. Illustrative photo mil.ru

Shooting down the drone

Earlier on Sunday, the independent Russian portal Agentstwo wrote that the drone, which was shot down that day, was reported by the Ministry of Defense Russiafell in Kursk just 300 meters from the place where the 16th Independent Electronic Warfare Brigade is stationed.

The agency cited reports describing the 16th electronic warfare brigade as the first to start combating drones in Russia’s Western Military District. A special unit for combating unmanned aerial vehicles was established there in 2017.

The 16th brigade specializes in defending Russian command systems against hostile interference, as well as attacking enemy command systems.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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