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Medic. KAS detained a man who tried to transport a python leather jacket and shoes across the border

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A jacket and footwear made of the skin of a protected snake were found by officers of the Podkarpackie National Revenue Administration during an inspection at the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing in Medyka (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). A citizen of Ukraine tried to illegally transport the goods to Poland across the border. The man will be responsible for smuggling and breaking the provisions of the Nature Conservation Act.

As senior aspirant Edyta Chabowska, spokesperson of the Tax Administration Chamber in Rzeszów, informed, the jacket and three pairs of shoes were found during the inspection of a passenger car that was entering Poland from Ukraine. According to the officers, the items were made of python skin, which is protected under the Washington CITES Convention.

– The 28-year-old man carrying them did not have a permit, which is required for the transport of endangered species across the border, as well as products made of them – said the spokeswoman.

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Podkarpackie KAS thwarted an attempt to smuggle python skin clothingTax Administration Chamber in Rzeszów

Customs confiscated clothing made of python skin, the investigation is ongoing

Due to the man’s violation of the provisions of the Nature Conservation Act, the officers detained the goods for further proceedings conducted by the Podkarpackie Customs and Tax Office in Przemyśl. This is another such case recently. – Last month, officers of the National Revenue Administration from the Customs Department in Medyka thwarted the illegal transport of a coat and footwear also made of python skin – recalled the senior aspirant Chabowska.

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Among the items confiscated are python leather shoesTax Administration Chamber in Rzeszów

The illegal transport of protected specimens across the border is punishable by imprisonment

– Restrictions on the transport of protected plants and animals help protect them from complete extinction – emphasized the spokeswoman for Podkarpackie CASH. She added: – Illegal transport across the border of the European Union, as well as intra-Community trade in specimens of endangered species is a crime punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years.

Falcons, parrots, leeches on the border

In 2022, officers of the National Revenue Administration in the Podkarpackie Province detected smuggling of over 12,000 pieces of protected specimens, including peregrine falcons, gray parrots and monk parrots, steppe turtle and medicinal leeches. Among the seized specimens were also giant conch shells, a dissected head of a Mississippi alligator, fragments of coral reef and supplements of traditional Asian medicine.

Main photo source: Tax Administration Chamber in Rzeszów

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