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“Meet Poland” program. Co-financing school trips

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– We want to rebuild the community between students and teachers, and this is best done during various types of trips. And if these are educational trips, so much the better – says Minister Przemysław Czarnek. In the new school year, children and young people will be able to benefit from the financing of trips. The minister chose four areas that he intends to support.

On Thursday, the Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, announced the launch of the “Get to know Poland” program. The new initiative, which is for the time being a pilot program, assumes co-financing school trips up to 80 percent of their costs. – We want young people to go to places of national remembrance, places related to culture, science, with our outstanding ancestors and heroes – enumerated Czarnek.

First come first served

The total cost of the program in 2021 is PLN 15 million. Schools will be able to submit applications for funding until the end of September or until the funds are exhausted, because the order of applications will decide about granting the money. Recruitment is expected to start in September, school offices will be provided with details – at the end of next week.

It is already known that one-day trips will be able to receive support up to PLN 5,000 (per group), two-day trips up to PLN 10,000, and three-day trips up to PLN 15,000. – The amount will be the same regardless of the number of participants, the ministry will not hold the organizers accountable for what groups they create – said Czarnek.

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The ministry’s calculations show that even several hundred thousand students will be able to take advantage of the program.

– Tours this year are actually two months, that is October and part of November. We hope that the schools will use this money during this time – said the minister.


Where will the students go?

The ministry has developed four areas in which it will be possible to obtain funding. These are tours in the footsteps of the Polish Underground State (the list of promoted points is to include, among others, the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Cursed Soldiers Museum), devoted to the life of Cardinal Wyszyński (we are celebrating his year), tours devoted to culture and national heritage (including folk culture and villages) and the greatest scientific achievements – you will be able to get funding, among others trips to the Copernicus Science Center.

In order for such a trip to be counted and financed, it will have to take into account the appropriate number of points from the ministerial list – different depending on the duration. – These points will be adjusted to the age of the students – assures the minister. We’ll have a full list of them next week.

– We want to rebuild the community between students and teachers, and it is best to do it during this kind of trips. If these are educational trips, so much the better – emphasized Czarnek. And he emphasized that the new program is to support teachers in implementing the core curriculum and building modern patriotism. – Schools will benefit from the great potential of our museums – he said.

Czarnek Fund

The head of MEiN recalled that such a solution was made possible by the deputies who introduced it a few weeks ago by the deputies’ bill. Earlier, the Minister of Science had the opportunity to create programs and undertakings, thanks to changes in the law, Czarnek, who now manages the combined ministries, can also create them at the level of schools, not only universities.

The opposition criticized this idea, calling it “the Czarnek Fund” and raising concerns that the minister would only subsidize initiatives and organizations close to him. Przemysław Czarnek assured that he intends to support children, and opposition politicians should be grateful for this project.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara / PAP

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