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Meeting in Weimar. Radosław Sikorski about the “dramatic moment”. For three reasons

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A meeting of the foreign ministers of Poland, Germany and France was held in Weimar, Germany: Radosław Sikorski, Annalena Baerbock and Stephane Sejourne. After the talks, the head of Polish diplomacy said that we are living in a “dramatic moment”.

The head of Polish diplomacy said that the “dramatic moment” is marked by: war in UkraineEuropean elections and uncertainty about the election results in USA.

– These are not challenges that we can cope with alone – Sikorski emphasized during a joint press conference with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs. German and France: Annalena Baerbock and Stephan Sejourne, who met in the Weimar Triangle format.

The head of Polish diplomacy reminded that the threats to the EU also include pressure on the EU's borders Russia and Belarus are bringing in illegal migrants, as well as attempts at sabotage and sabotage. He said that thanks to cooperation with Berlin, it was possible to prevent a sabotage attack in Poland.

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33 years ago, when the Weimar Triangle was created, it seemed that the ghosts of the 20th century had been defeated, that as Europeans we had learned to live in peace, but unfortunately it turned out that not everyone thinks so, Sikorski said.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that after two bloody world wars, Europeans established a certain taboo, namely that borders in Europe cannot be changed by force. If we started to recognize that it is allowed to change borders by force, it would be “a recipe for a war of all against all, Vladimir Putin cannot succeed in this,” the minister emphasized. – The most important thing is that Ukraine does not lose this war and Russia does not win it – he added.

Ministers of Diplomacy of Germany, Poland and France Annalena Baerbock, Radosław Sikorski and Stephane SejourneJACOB SCHROETER/PAP/EPA

Baerbock: we want the European Union to be a security union

After the meeting, Baerbock noted that the Weimar Triangle format combines the diversity of three countries on a small scale, which makes the European Union stronger in the face of everyday challenges. In her opinion, impulses for Europe should come from the Weimar Triangle.

The minister said that the “Weimar agenda” included European security and defense policy. – We want to European Union was a security union because a strong NATO is our security, she emphasized.

She added that the ministers gathered in Weimar agreed that at least 2% of GDP should be spent on defense. GDP and use these funds strategically, i.e. by investing in new technologies and joint purchases.

The heads of diplomacy of the Weimar Triangle countries also discussed the need for a global energy transformation, which “is an economic opportunity and part of our European security policy.”

During the meeting, the situation in Ukraine and Moldova was also discussed. Ukraine defends the “European peace order”, which is why the expansion of its air defense is so important, Baerbock emphasized.

In the context of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, she encouraged people to vote. – Each of us can make Europe stronger, every vote for a democratic party is a vote for freedom. (…) Democracy should be supported and defended, she concluded.

Sejourne: We listen to Ukraine and its needs

France, supporting Ukraine, is cooperating in the air defense coalition and will strengthen its efforts in this field in the coming weeks, said French Foreign Minister Sejourne. – We listen to Ukraine and its needs – he assured. – We cooperate within a coalition dedicated to air defense. We will be strengthening our efforts in this area over the coming weeks. This is still our priority, added the minister.

Sejourne appealed – especially to young people – to participate in the June elections to the European Parliament. He assessed that these will be the most important elections in several decades, and their results will have a decisive impact on the direction in which Europe will go. He also warned that Russia has been operating in the field of information since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine and is trying to destabilize Europe, which may also be visible during elections to the European Parliament.

– In fact, the actions are directed against all European countries, and the European elections make the stakes high and there will be many such actions that will interfere with what is happening in our countries – said Sejourne, answering a question at a press conference in Weimar.

Sikorski: Poland has recognized the statehood of Palestine for several decades

Sikorski noted in this context that Poland has launched an initiative to combat Russian disinformation. – At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we are allocating 10 million for it – said the head of Polish diplomacy.

He added that he also invites other countries to this initiative. The minister emphasized the need for cooperation between politicians and “serious media that verify information” and appealed not to be fooled by “Russian fake news, Russian disinformation” during the campaign, because the stakes are really very high.

Radosław Sikorski met with Annalena Baerbock and Stephan SejournJACOB SCHROETER/PAP/EPA

The heads of diplomacy of the Weimar Triangle countries were also asked to comment on Wednesday's announcement by the prime ministers of Ireland, Norway and Spain on the recognition of Palestine's independence.

– Poland has recognized the statehood of Palestine for several dozen years, said Sikorski. He recalled that Poland, together with 143 countries, voted at the UN for Palestine's membership in the UN, i.e. “raising its status” in the Organization. – It was not a vote against anyone, especially not against Israel, but for a two-state solution – emphasized the minister.

– We will support the efforts of the High Representative of the European Union (Josep Borrell – ed.) and other countries that believe that a long-term, stable solution is needed for the five million Palestinians. We believe that such a long-term solution would be the existence of two states, and I would like to remind you that externally I represent Palestine Palestinian Authoritynot Hamas, said the head of Polish diplomacy.

Sikorski on the “unfortunate symmetry” of the ICC

Ministers were also asked about Monday's request by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for an arrest warrant for the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahuthe country's defense minister, Joav Galant, and three Hamas leaders in connection with the war in the Gaza Strip.

– When it comes to the actions of the International Criminal Court, we support them (…). The first procedural act was issued several months ago against Vladimir Putin for his crimes in Ukraine, for example stealing Ukrainian children, Sikorski said.

– Here I do not yet know the justification for these decisions (the ICC), but it seems to me that such a combination, when it comes to the head of Hamas and the prime minister of Israel on one day (…) is an unfortunate symmetry, because it was Hamas that started the current spiral of violence – added.

– Of course, I know that the balance of victims is not equal, but on the one hand we have the head of a terrorist organization, and on the other hand, the prime minister of a democratic country, so it seems to me that this does not help the cause of reaching a peaceful solution – said Sikorski.

Main photo source: JACOB SCHROETER/PAP/EPA

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