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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Melbourne, Australia. A hailstorm. The city was covered with a white layer

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Hail and a strong storm swept through Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria. It rained so much that the streets and parks turned completely white. According to forecasts, violent weather will bother the inhabitants for a few more days.

Melbourne was hit by hail in a Monday afternoon storm. According to witnesses, the cloudless and sunny sky suddenly turned dark. It started to rain heavily and then hail started pouring down. As residents said, part of the city seemed to be covered with snow.

Hail in Melbourne. “What’s happening here?”

Social media was filled with photos of almost winter landscapes.

– What’s happening here? – asked on Twitter.

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– Pandemic, earthquakes, riots, tornadoes and now snow in October. Yes, Melbourne is fine – they ironized.

The storm also brought with it gusts of wind of about 80 kilometers per hour.

Warnings issued

Weather warnings against high winds have been issued throughout the coast of Victoria. In some regions, dangerously strong gusts of wind are also expected to persist the following night. However, the storms are unlikely to subside by the end of the week.

The dynamic, stormy aura is caused by the presence of a cold front that is moving westward.

Main photo source: ENEX

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