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Memes about the police. Grenade launcher, boom

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A grenade launcher shot at the chief’s office, then an accident with a police car carrying teenagers, and most recently officers on a fire boom at an apartment rented by activists – the police probably don’t have the best time. At least in terms of image. Internet users did not miss the slip-ups, who commented on these events with memes.

On Tuesday, January 10, in front of the window of an apartment rented by activists of the Flying Opposition Brigade two police officers showed up. The restaurant is located on the fifth floor, so – to get there – officers used a fire boom. When the activists asked what the purpose of this intervention was, the officers replied that “they are there for their safety”. Activists suspect that the unexpected visit was related to the celebration of the month the Smolensk disaster. During the laying of flowers in front of the monument in Piłsudski Square, members of the Flying Brigade of the Opposition appeared many times. And the apartment that the police inspected is a few hundred meters from this place.

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Policemen on the boom. Memes

Many netizens sneer at the “precautions”. On the Facebook profile of Glass of Contact TVN24, an alternative version of Tuesday’s scene was presented in a form inspired by a classic comic book.

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In turn, the Warsaw Comedy Club posted a meme on Facebook in which the police officers lurking outside the window were compared with tongue in cheek to… spectators without tickets.

One of the Internet users decided that Tuesday’s police action was suitable for an action movie, and Wojciech Smarzowski could sit on the director’s stool. The title of such a production? The creator of the remake of the movie poster has his own proposition.

“On the boom”Instagram/@makelifeharder

In another meme, the policemen who appeared in front of the activists’ window were depicted as part of a New York symbol.

Policemen at the Statue of LibertyInstagram/@makelifeharder

In the next meme, it was suggested that since the police are going to such steps, it might be worth involving more equipment in the exercises before the next month.

Meme with boomsInstagram/@makelifeharder

It remains to be hoped that home visits of officers on lifts, e.g. to check the sobriety of household members, will not become a new habit of police officers. This is the vision of the author of one of the graphics circulating on the web.

Polish police mishaps

However, the police’s image bloopers do not end with the patrol using the boom. Cartoonist Andrzej Milewski posted on his Twitter profile a list of events from recent weeks that make up the “memic” streak of Polish officers. Alongside Tuesday’s incident, he posted on it: intervention in the case of unpaid kaiser rolls eaten by a childcar crash where two teenagers found themselves in strange circumstances and already famous shot from a grenade launcher in the building of the Police Headquarters.

Morawiecki with… a grenade launcher

The last of the mentioned threads also appeared on the profile of the Contact Glass. A rework of a photo taken during the visit was published there Mateusz Morawiecki at the shooting range. Instead of an ordinary rifle, the prime minister poses with a grenade launcher aimed at a target. And the role of his instructor was played by the chief commander Jarosław Szymczyk, the author of the unfortunate shot.

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Instagram/@makelifeharder, tvn24.pl

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