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Men in Poland go to the doctor less often and live on average 8 years less than women. Expert comments

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The latest statistics clearly show that Poles visit the doctor much less often than Polish women. This is not because gentlemen do not have reasons – it turns out that they have a lot of them. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Mateusz Andziak found out that it is worth getting tested on his own case. – For two months I told myself that I was not in pain, and it did. It was only after two months that I went to a urologist – says the man who is the ambassador of the “Badaj Jajka” campaign.

– Turns out I had testicular cancer. The next day I lost my testicle, had an orchidectomy. Thanks to the fact that it was detected relatively quickly, I am 100% healthy today – he emphasizes.

Men go to the doctor less often

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Data from the Central Statistical Office show that men all the time have a problem with doctor visits. In the last decade, the percentage of those who opted for a medical examination ranged from 55 to 64 percent. In the case of women, the result was better by about 10 percent.

– A lot of my patients, coming to me at the age of 65, boast that today they are seeing a doctor for the first time. This is a source of pride for them – emphasizes Krzysztof Tupikowski, head of the Urological Cancer Center of the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław.

When men turn eighteen and start taking responsibility for their own health, they use medical services much less often. In women, more frequent visits can be explained by gynecological needs, pregnancies and childbearing. However, this difference also persists afterwards.

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– This is also related to the problems faced by the Polish patient. The system is unstable, unsettled, unknown – believes the president of the Warsaw Family Doctors, Michał Sutkowski.

Attitude is also a problem – men visit doctors’ offices only when something bad happens to their health. – The exponent of male diseases is pain – points out Sutkowski.

– We don’t like going to the doctor for regular check-ups, so unfortunately, cancer is often diagnosed at an advanced stage – explains Tupikowski.

Men in Poland live on average 8 years less than women

Medical statistics show that it is men who get sick more often. The most serious ailments causing deaths are cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors – according to data National Health Fund the most common is prostate cancer.

– Many men are afraid that after urological treatment they will have problems with continence, they will have problems with erection and many more. However, the sooner we show up, the sooner we detect it, the chance of these problems is smaller – points out Tupikowski.

Another invisible enemy is diabetes. The patient does not feel the changes until two years after the sugar level in the body increases.

Diabetes diagnosed too late causes the patient to develop late complications in the form of damage to various organs: eye damage, kidney damage, foot damage, which can lead to amputation, heart attack, stroke or peripheral vascular atherosclerosis, lists Krzysztof, a national consultant in the field of diabetes. outfit.

Men lead a riskier lifestyle, more often fall into addictions, but also live under great pressure. – Ever since he was a child, there has been a belief that a man does not cry, a man does not give up, a man cannot be weak – says Konrad Maj, a social psychologist from the SWPS University.

Men in Poland live on average eight years less than women, and only three out of four reach retirement age. – The 40 plus preventive program has been conducted for several years – recalls Andrzej Troszyński from the National Health Fund. It is attended by 60 percent of women and only 40 percent of men.

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