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Men’s cancer prevention month. “This is an appeal to all of you that we can win. Let’s just test ourselves.”

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I had surgery for prostate cancer many years ago and I beat the disease thanks to my wife. This is an appeal to all of you that we can win. Let’s just get checked – said Dr. Marek Filipek on TVN24, appealing to men for cancer prevention.

November is considered the month of men’s cancer prevention. The guest of TVN24 was Dr. Marek Filipek from St. Hospital. Elizabeth, Lux Med group.

– Fortunately, someone started thinking about men’s health – he said. – Women are smarter. They have always been more concerned about their health. A man is rather ashamed to go to the doctor. Especially since the examination we propose to him, such a preliminary one, is quite intimate. And the man is simply ashamed, and besides, his ego suffers. “I think we should step back a little and start thinking less about our ego and more about our health,” he added.

– Between the ages of 20 and 39, we are at risk of developing testicular cancer. It is a cancer that develops very quickly and is very dangerous in terms of the consequences of lack of treatment. And in a very short time – he emphasized.

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Marek FilipekTVN24

Appeal to everyone: Let’s get tested

– It is standard that we take care of the car, we take care of the technical inspection. We don’t do our technical inspection and that’s a problem. Today I am here as an expert, but I must say that I am also a bit of a patient, he said. – Because I had prostate cancer surgery many years ago. I overcame the disease thanks to my wife. I’m sorry for being so revealing, but this is an appeal to all of you that we can win. Let’s just get tested, he added.

Kajdaniuk: awareness among men is also growing

Jakub Kajdaniuk talked on TVN24 about the “Mosznow┼éadcy” action he coordinated.

– The experience of our campaign shows that awareness among men is also growing. Our campaign has been so popular for several years, actually since 2021, when we returned to carrying out research after the pandemic, that we have been conducting research from the end of September to the beginning of December – he said. – However, this year, because we always survey our participants, we are also observing a new, very good trend. Namely, there are more and more men who are taking advantage of our campaign, i.e. free tests throughout the country, for the first time. They came across this campaign somewhere. They know they have to take care of themselves. We have an increasing number of men who decide to take at least the first step in the form of preventive tests – he added.

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