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Merger of Orlen with Lotos. Supreme Audit Office report. Mariusz Kamiński and Marcin Przydacz comment

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Apart from the “shocking” amount, the quintessence of the Supreme Audit Office’s report is that Jacek Sasin was not interested in it, said Michał Kamiński, deputy speaker of the Senate (PSL-Trzecia Droga), in “Fakty po Faktach”. PiS MP Marcin Przydacz said that he was “worried by a certain lack of objectivity in the report.” The NIK report on the merger of Orlen with Lotos and the sale of its part to the Saudis was obtained by Łukasz Frątczak and Dariusz Kubik from the “Czarno na white” magazine. According to the Supreme Audit Office, Saudi Aramco paid PLN 7.2 billion less for the Lotos part than it was worth. The auditors were also critical of the actions of the then Minister of State Assets.

In July 2023 Supreme Chamber of Control prepared a report regarding, among others, merger of Orlen with Lotos after inspection by the Ministry of State Assets. “Black and White” journalists Łukasz Frątczak and Dariusz Kubik found the still unpublished document.

According to the Supreme Audit Office, Saudi Aramco paid PLN 7.2 billion less for the Lotos part than it was worth. The Chamber also points out that Jacek Sasin he requested the Council of Ministers to consent to the merger of Orlen with Lotos, although he had not seen the agreements negotiated by Orlen and did not know that Saudi Aramco would have the right to veto.

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Kamiński: the Supreme Audit Office’s report shows that Sasin was not interested in this

These findings were commented on Monday in “Fakty po Faktach” by the Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Michał Kamiński (PSL-Trzecia Droga) and PiS MP Marcin Przydacz.

– This is, of course, the most spectacular conclusion from the report of the Supreme Audit Office regarding the difference in valuation, or one could say, the loss that we have suffered as a country, a huge loss at that, said Kamiński.

He added that apart from the amount, which is “obviously shocking”, for him “the quintessence of the report of the Supreme Audit Office is that Minister Sasin, and this is clear from the report, was not interested in it.”

– He was simply interested in, sorry, I’ll use a colloquialism, dusting our national property to his colleagues from Saudi Arabia as quickly as possible. And this was, for some reason, such an important political goal that the minister did not pay attention to the thing that he should pay attention to first of all – said the Deputy Speaker of the Senate.

Przydacz: I am concerned about the lack of objectivity of the Supreme Audit Office

Przydacz said he was “disturbed by a certain lack of objectivity in the Supreme Audit Office’s report.” – Since the quarrel that was really political between the previous minister (Marian – ed.) Banaś and a number of ministers in the Law and Justice government, the Supreme Audit Office has been behaving in a simply political manner. Even directly taking part in campaign activities – he said.

He added that during the election campaign, the president of the Supreme Audit Office “took an active part in promoting politicians” associated with the Confederation.

In response to the comment that Banaś is in this position thanks to PiS votes, and the matter was handled by auditors who have been working at the Supreme Audit Office for years, Przydacz said that “Marian Banaś is the head of this institution and he certainly not only signed this report, but actually intended to influence on him, especially since this matter is very politically hot.”

Przydacz said that “Orlen issues statements in which it says that all market mechanisms were maintained, requests for quotations were sent to potential contractors and on the basis of such an analysis, Orlen carried out this operation.”

Politicians on Duda’s words regarding the pardon of Kamiński and Wąsik

Politicians also commented on the attitude of the Presidential Palace in the case of legally convicted former PiS MPs Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik.

President Andrzej Duda announced the pardon of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik – wrote “Super Express” on Sunday evening, publishing an interview with President Andrzej Duda. “Today, Mariusz Kamiński is in a very difficult health situation, he is on a constant hunger strike. Maciej Wąsik is also on a hunger strike. I would like it to be stopped. If it can be stopped only by me simply pardoning them again, to simply save them, I will do it,” the newspaper quoted the president as saying.

In turn, after the publication of a fragment of the interview, the head of the presidential cabinet, Marcin Mastalerek, wrote on social media that “pardon proceedings are ongoing” and Andrzej Duda’s attitude has not changed. “The President will make a decision immediately after receiving the opinion of the Prosecutor General. Mr. Adam Bodnar, by delaying and not releasing the MPs from prison, is endangering their lives and health,” he said.

– Regardless of the merits, the president says what he says, and then someone who is his closest political collaborator says that it will not be like that – commented Michał Kamiński on this confusion. He also said he couldn’t imagine such a situation.

– In my opinion, the president is completely consistent here. He applied an act of grace, an individual amnesty, in 2015. For eight years he emphasized that this act of grace was an important act – he commented Marcin Przydacz.

He added that during a conference with the wives of the convicts, Duda explained that “due to the drama of the situation, the fact that the law enforcement structures, but also some of the courts, did not comply with this act, i.e. they de facto disregarded the president’s prerogative, the president’s constitutional decision, and you gentlemen are in prison, applies another provision, from the Code of Criminal Procedure, which obliges the president to first apply to the prosecutor general for files and opinions.

– I would read this statement for one of the newspapers as a kind of suggestion. The president knows this matter very well. The provision obliges him to seek an opinion, and he will ask for it, he added.

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