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Merger of Orlen with Lotos. TVN24 journalists obtained the report of the Supreme Audit Office

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The Supreme Audit Office examined the merger of Orlen and Lotos. In the balance of profits and losses, the latter are shocking, because they amount to billions of zlotys. In addition, according to the Supreme Audit Office, there was a “significant risk to Poland’s fuel security.” The journalists of TVN24’s “Black and White” obtained the still unpublished document.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Arkadiusz Marchewka reads reports about the report of the Supreme Audit Office on the merger of Orlen with Lotos and comments on them as follows: “it was supposed to be a great merger, but there is a great sale of national assets.”

The still classified NIK report is quoted by tvn24.pl and Business Insider. It shows that part of Lotos was sold to the Arabs at a significantly lower price, so the state lost billions on the transaction. – Orlen sold part of Lotos well below its value. When I say big, I mean PLN 7 billion 200 million – informs Łukasz Frątczak, journalist of “Black and white” TVN24.

After the merger with Orlen, Lotos practically disappeared from the market. Most of it was absorbed by Orlen, and some was sold to Saudi Aramco, which has been proven time and time again, significantly below the market value. Some of the Lotos stations were taken over by the Hungarian MOL. All this created potential danger for the state.

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– There are “significant risks”, as the Supreme Audit Office emphasizes, for Poland’s fuel security – points out Bartek Godusławski, a journalist from Business Insider. – This entire transaction, this entire merger was – I am not afraid to say it – a criminal transaction – says Dr. Dariusz Wieczorek, an economist from the University of Gdańsk.

The Supreme Audit Office does not rule out applications to the prosecutor’s office and further inspections. – There is a good chance that we will appear in Orlen again – says Marcin Marjański from the Supreme Audit Office. – Someone simply made the deal of a lifetime on this transaction. The question is who. I think that law enforcement authorities should look into this matter very carefully, says the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

Frątczak: this merger was a political idea of ​​Obajtek and Kaczyński from beginning to endTVN24

PiS blames the European Commission

The merger with Lotos was the apple of Daniel Obajtek’s eye. The president of Orlen was supervised by the then minister Jacek Sasin, and the Supreme Audit Office also has allegations against him, because Sasin was to issue a positive recommendation for the merger without knowing the contracts and documents.

– Our predecessors were so proud that they would restore national silver, but in this case they sold it – notes Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense.

Orlen denies the allegations. He writes that “the valuation and sale of Lotos’ assets took place on market terms”, the valuations were carried out by independent advisors, and “the entire process was carried out in compliance with the law.”

PiS, in turn, discredits the entire control and believes that the European Union is to blame. – This is no longer the Supreme Audit Office, this is no report. They depreciated the entire House – says Waldemar Buda, MP for Law and Justice. – Very unfavorable conditions for the merger were presented by the European Commission – adds Bartłomiej Wróblewski, MP from Law and Justice.

This is not true, because Brussels never ordered Orlen to absorb Lotos. – Those guilty who made decisions, knowing that they were jeopardizing the State Treasury, will be held responsible for this – declares Tomasz Trela, MP from the Left.

Sale of part of Lotos to the Saudis.  What's worth knowing

Sale of part of Lotos to the Saudis. What’s worth knowingTVN24

Obajtek’s resignation?

The new government calls on Daniel Obajtek to resign. He himself recently declared that he would resign from his position if the government changes in Poland. – I have my honor and my dignity – stressed Obajtek in April 2023. However, he has not left yet. – It turns out that Mr Obajtek’s honor is worth nothing – says Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, an independent senator.

Orlen’s General Meeting of Shareholders will meet on February 6, when key personnel decisions may be made. – The General Meeting will change the supervisory board, and the supervisory board will change the president – suggests Marek Sawicki, senior marshal.

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So Obajtek’s days are numbered in Orlen. – Polish society did not agree to him giving away 30 percent of the refinery’s shares for next to nothing, for free, in fact – says Dariusz Joński, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

Daniel Obajtek may also be quickly dealt with by the prosecutor’s office, because the Supreme Audit Office complained that Obajtek did not allow inspectors to enter Orlen.

Main photo source: TVN24

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