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Mexico. An “unusual” heatwave. The temperature exceeds 45 degrees

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Mexico is experiencing an extreme heatwave. Thermometers in most of the country show over 45 degrees Celsius in the shade. It’s supposed to be this hot until at least the end of the week.

Mexico’s authorities issued a heatwave alert on Monday for the country of 130 million. As of Monday, 22 of Mexico’s 31 states had temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius. The heat is accompanied by violent storms. In other states, thermometers indicate over 35 degrees Celsius.

This is Mexico’s third heatwave of the year and is expected to last at least through the end of the week.

The services remind you to stay hydrated often, avoid staying in the sun for too long and not going outside during the hours when the temperature is the highest.

“Unusual for this time of year” weather

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Mexico’s National Water Commission (Conagua) describes the “extreme weather” as “unusual for this time of year” and warns the population of possible rapid flooding, flooding, hail and landslides.

According to the Commission’s communications to fishermen and hunters, wild animals and fish also respond by changing their behavior to unusual weather anomalies. The former seek shelter in the depths of forests, and the latter also disappear from ordinary hunting grounds and move in search of deeper waters.

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