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Mexico. Closed aesthetic medicine clinics. Two people died, the lives of several hundred at risk

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Two people have died and the lives of at least 221 more are at risk – American authorities are alarming, informing about the epidemic of fungal meningitis, which is to affect patients using the services of Mexican aesthetic medicine clinics. The US and Mexican authorities have submitted a request to the WHO to declare a public health emergency of international concern.

On Friday, the website of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a message informing about the cooperation of the US authorities with the Mexican health ministry on “suspected fungal meningitis among patients who have undergone epidural anesthesia surgery in Matamoros, MexicoTwo people suspected of having the disease have died and at least 221 more are at risk, the CDC, an agency of the federal government, said. USA. Investigations are ongoing.

Both deceased patients underwent procedures at two clinics in Matamoros, which closed on May 13. The CDC said in a statement that people who received an epidural at these clinics should go to the nearest health center or emergency room as soon as possible to be tested for meningitis, even if they are asymptomatic. In addition, the agency urged anyone scheduled to have an epidural in Matamaros to cancel it “until there is evidence that there is no longer an infection risk at these clinics.”

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US and Mexico call on WHO to act

The procedures that those at risk have undergone include liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation, the New York Times pointed out on Monday. Citing CDC epidemiologist Dallas Smith, the daily reported that of the 221 people potentially at risk of fungal meningitis, 205 are women and 16 men, including 178 from Texas, a U.S. state separated from Matamoros by the Rio Grande border river. The average age of these patients is 32 years.

Treatments that at-risk individuals underwent in Mexican clinics include: liposuction and butt lift.elenavolf/shutterstock

Smith, during Friday’s webinar for scientists and healthcare professionals, said that the US and Mexican authorities have submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO) request to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern because the current epidemic “is a threat to the health of people from Mexico, USA, Canada and Colombia”. A positive response from the WHO would allow “to accelerate international cooperation, financing and development of treatment” – indicated “NYT”.

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Why Americans choose Mexican clinics

According to the CDC, millions of people from the U.S. travel abroad each year as part of the so-called. medical tourism. The most common treatments they use on such trips include dental care, surgery, plastic surgery, fertility treatment, organ and tissue transplants, and cancer treatment. The reasons include lower costs and easier access to treatments.

Mexico is a frequent destination for those Americans who are fighting obesity. “In Tijuana, surgeons perform about 1,200 bariatric surgeries every month” – Paula Praszkiewicz pointed out in the material of “Fakty o Świecie” TVN24 BiS. She noted that the prices of surgical treatment of obesity in the US “range from 18,000 to 40,000 dollars. In Mexico, you can pay one-fifth of that amount.” According to data from the Mexican statistical office, in 2022, the state of Baja California, which borders the United States, was visited by 4.2 million foreign visitors, especially from the United States and Canada.

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Main photo source: elenavolf/shutterstock

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