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Mexico. Eight bodies have been found in Cancún, a popular resort town

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The bodies of eight people have been found in Cancún, a Mexican resort very often visited by foreign tourists, the local prosecutor’s office said. Most of the victims have not yet been identified.

oscar Montes de Oca, the chief prosecutor of the state of Quintana Roo, said the bodies were found over the weekend (April 22-23) in the city of Cancún. As he explained, the bodies of five people were in a building that looked abandoned. Investigators determined that they had been abandoned there for a period of one week to two months. Three of them have been identified as the bodies of people listed in the missing persons database. Elsewhere, in a wooded area on the outskirts of a popular resort, officers found the remains of three more people. For the time being, it is not known who the victims are, Montes de Oca added. The prosecutor pointed out that the bodies were in a poor neighborhood located about 15 kilometers from an area full of hotels and beaches, and at the same time close to the airport.

Prosecutor Montes de Oca explained that finding the bodies was an extensive police search. ABC News reports that a similar action was also carried out in the vicinity of another popular resort, Tulum. The portal emphasizes that abandoned and forested areas are places where the corpses of victims of drug cartels are often hidden.

Cancún and Tulum are also popular resorts with foreign and especially American tourists. The media call these places “tourist paradise”. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in violence by drug gangs. State Department in early March USA issued a warning to travelers for this reason Mexicoto “take extra care” in these resorts, especially after dark.

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Cancun. Bodies found near the hotel

In early April, the local prosecutor’s office reported that Four bodies were found near a hotel in Cancún. They were located on a plot of land by the seaside boulevard. The identities of the victims were not disclosed, only that they were Mexican nationals. Two people were arrested in connection with the case. As reported, both were related to the local drug trade.

ABC News reports that more than 112,000 people are currently missing in Mexico.

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