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Mexico. Ovidio Guzman, son of “El Chapo” captured. Who is the son of a drug lord?

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He is 32 years old, apparently he does not like luxury, sports cars do not interest him, but he is aggressive and quick-tempered. He allegedly ordered multiple murders, including a singer who refused to sing at his wedding. Despite his origins, he was to become a drug dealer by choice, because his family had enough money to become anyone. Who is the recently detained Ovidio Guzman, the son of the famous drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who – according to “El Pais” – is the only one of the boss’s many children to equal him in fame?

Mexican security forces drug cartel leader Ovidio Guzman arrested on Thursday, the son of imprisoned drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. A few hours after the son of the famous boss was arrested, there were riots, roadblocks and shootings of police officers and planes in the area of ​​Culiacan airport in the city of Culiacan, the capital of the state of Sinaloa, and in several places in the state. Members of Guzman’s affiliated criminal groups first tried to prevent him from being taken out of Culiacan, then it was all about creating chaos. The services estimate that 29 people were killed as a result of the riots on Saturday.

Riots after “El Chapo’s” son arrestedPAP/EPA/Juan Carlos Cruz

He allegedly ordered the murder of a singer who refused to sing at his wedding

Ovidio Guzman has already been captured once, in 2019. But then, after criminals associated with the Sinaloa drug cartel seized control of part of the state, Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador retired and he agreed to free Guzman. US authorities have offered a $5 million reward for the gangster’s capture.

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According to Reuters, Ovidio Guzman, known by the nickname “Mouse”, began climbing the career ladder in the Sinaloa cartel after his father was arrested in 2016.

The agency notes that United States for years they have been seeking the extradition of Ovidio, whom they accuse of conspiring to smuggle cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana into the US. The State Department says Guzman oversees methamphetamine labs in Sinaloa responsible for producing “between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds” (approximately 1,360 to 2,265 kilograms) of the drug a month. According to State Department information, Ovidio ordered multiple murders, including a popular Mexican singer who refused to sing at his wedding.

Ovidio Guzman (photo from 2019)HO/CEPROPIE/AFP

Gangster by choice. “He could have been an engineer, an architect, anything”

Of the countless children of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, only one can claim to have equaled his father’s fame: Ovidio Guzman Lopez, writes El Pais.

The Spanish-language section of the BBC adds, citing Mexican media, that Ovidio describes himself as a man who “is not particularly interested in luxury or sports cars”.

Ovidio, now 32, is one of four children from “El Chapo’s” marriage to his second wife, Griselda Lopez Perez. From this union also come his brothers Edgar, who was murdered in May 2008, and Joaquin, who was also accused by the US of drug trafficking. “El Chapo”, who is serving time in a maximum security prison in the US, is estimated to have at least 10 children from different marriages.

The BBC writes that “Ovidio and his brothers have a reputation for short-tempered young men, overly brutal but without the great strategic skills that characterize their father.” However, he adds that “the real power exercised by the sons of El Chapo, associated with the Sinaloa cartel, is unknown.”

“These are the first generation of drug dealers from Sinaloa who were born into wealth,” notes Alejandro Hope, a security analyst and former intelligence official, quoted by El Pais. He believes that Ovidio, like his brothers, “joined the drug trade by choice.” “The economic imperative that drove their parents no longer exists. The guy could have been an engineer, an architect, anything, but no,” he adds.

Ovidio Guzman captured ‘just in time’

In its analysis, Reuters also draws attention to the political and social context in which Ovidio Guzman was arrested.

When President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office in 2018, he promised to change his approach to fighting organized crime to one that focuses on the root causes of violence. However, this did not bring the expected results, and the number of homicides is soaring again.

Lopez Obrador’s 2019 decision to release Ovidio in the face of threats from the Sinaloa cartel drew criticism that he had been too soft on the drug cartels. Guzman’s arrest may indicate that the government is willing and able to oppose them.

He also notes that “the capture is timely”, just before the visit of the US president Joe Biden in Mexico. Mexican authorities, however, assure that it had no effect on their activities.

Members of the Mexican army guard the area where Ovidio Guzman was detainedPAP/EPA/Juan Carlos Cruz

The court blocked the possibility of extradition

Federal Court Saturday Mexico issued a decision preventing the transfer of Ovidio Guzman to the US justice system.

If extradited, young Guzman would share the fate of his father, the notorious drug lord “El Chapo”, who was turned over to US justice in 2016. In July 2019, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by an American court.

Reuters, PAP, BBC Mundo, El Pais

Main photo source: HO/CEPROPIE/AFP

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