Mexico. The roof of a church in Madero collapsed. At least nine people died


At least nine people were killed and 50 injured when the roof collapsed during mass at a church in the Mexican city of Madero. The tragedy occurred when the faithful were receiving Holy Communion. Emergency services are still working on site. They are looking for another 30 people.

The tragedy occurred on Sunday in the city of Madero in the state of Tamaulipas in northwestern Mexico. During the Holy Mass, the roof collapsed in a church filled with believers. At least nine people died in the incident, including three children, and 50 were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. The services are still looking for 30 more people, said Jorge Cuéllar, spokesman for the state Ministry of Security. According to witnesses of the event, a baptism ceremony was taking place in the temple. There were about 100 believers inside.

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Mexico. The roof of the church collapsed, the authorities on the causes of the disaster

Jose Armando Alvarez, bishop of the Tampico diocese, said that the roof of the temple collapsed while the faithful were receiving Holy Communion. He added that efforts were underway to rescue people trapped under the rubble. Several hundred people from civil defense, the Red Cross and local residents are taking part in the rescue operation.

The Tamaulipas state administration said the probable cause of the roof collapse was a structural defect in the building. A video appeared on social media showing the moment of the roof collapse and clouds of smoke rising.

An institution dealing with protection human rights in Tamaulipas published photos on Facebook showing the ruins of the church and services operating on site. Cuéllar thanked local entrepreneurs who supported the services by providing them with the equipment necessary to search the rubble.

Main photo source: Facebook/Protección Civil Tamaulipas

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