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Mexico. The shores of the lake are strewn with dead fish. “We can't help it”

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Thousands of dead fish have washed up on the shores of a lake in northern Mexico. According to local authorities, the cause of the animals' deaths is drought, which led to the partial drying of the reservoir. Hot weather not only tires animals, but is also deadly dangerous for humans.

Mexico is facing another heatwave this year. On Saturday, temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius were recorded in 15 of the country's 32 states. In many regions, this situation has persisted for a long time.

“We need rain”

According to the daily El Heraldo De Chihuahua, “countless fish” were washed up on the shores of Laguna de Bustillos. The mass plague occurred during a long period of drought and heat exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. On Saturday, local authorities carried out an action to cover dead fish with lime to prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

– We can't help the fact that more and more fish are dying, we need rain to fill the lagoon with water again. Currently, the biggest concern is the sanitary issue, said the mayor of the commune of Anahuac, where the lake is located.

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Analysis of satellite images shows that the total area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLaguna de Bustillos has decreased by almost 35 percent compared to a few years ago. The water reservoir itself is now over two kilometers away from the nearest settlements, which last year were “a few meters from the water table.”

90 people died

According to official data, drought of varying severity affects almost 90 percent of Mexico, which is the highest rate since 2011. The state of Chihuahua in the northwest of the country is one of the hardest-hit areas. Farm animals are also dying due to drought – the heat and drought have become so severe that many farmers were forced to leave the region.

– Cows die of hunger, thirst and disease. Everything is dry, there is no water anywhere – one of the farmers told Reuters.

According to data from the Mexican Ministry of Health, high temperatures have already led to the death of 90 people this year, and almost two thousand cases of heat stroke have been recorded. On Thursday, local media reported the death of four people trying to cross the United States border – people died of overheating and dehydration.

Main photo source: Reuters

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