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Mexico. The tragic conditions of migrants waiting for asylum in the USA

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More than 100,000 migrants are stranded in northern Mexico, waiting for asylum in the United States. Many people gather along the border. Immigrants live in tents, deprived of access to basic sanitary conditions. High temperatures do not help the situation. This year alone, more than 100 immigrants have died from the heat along the Mexican-American border.

They live on a few square meters – in a makeshift tent, without access to electricity and running water. Alejandra and her children are among the thousands of immigrants who camp along the U.S.-Mexico border hoping to eventually be granted asylum in the United States.

I wanted to give it up and go home. I thought: “God, is this how I’m supposed to live now? In these conditions, without basic resources, like a homeless person?” It’s humiliating. If a man deserves basic living conditions, he cannot count on them here, confesses Alejandra Peña, an immigrant from Venezuela.

A few weeks ago, Alejandra fled from crisis-ridden Venezuela. She decided to leave her homeland when her sister was killed by one of the local gangs. – Fortunately, we managed to survive. We hope that one day we will get a chance to live in the United States and everything will work out.

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In May, the administration of Joe Biden abolished Title 42. The regulations introduced under Donald Trump allowed the immediate deportation of illegal immigrants without the possibility of seeking asylum. The restrictions were implemented early in the pandemic to stop the spread of the coronavirus. American authorities feared that after the expiry of Title 42, the United States would be flooded by a wave of immigrants, but this did not happen.

– The abolition of Title 42 did not address our concerns. In June, we detained about 430 people a day. Last year it was 2,700 people. This is quite a significant decrease – points out Fidel Baca from the US Border Patrol.

US-Mexico borderPAP

Extreme conditions

Although Title 42 has been abolished, the current regulations are a deterrent. People caught illegally crossing the border can be banned from entering the United States for five years. Immigrants wishing to apply for asylum must submit an application via a special application – CBP One.

– I have a difficult experience when it comes to this app. I don’t know what it is, but you must be lucky to log into it. I couldn’t do it. I have deleted and downloaded it several times. Every time something goes wrong, says Eider Medina, an immigrant from Venezuela.

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Technical problems are only one side of the coin. Many immigrants live in such extreme conditions that they can only dream of access to mobile devices and the Internet – Our every day looks the same. We get up and go to the park. Sometimes we manage to sell something, other days you have to beg. There are days when we have nothing to eat, confesses Yudilma Yanez, an immigrant from Venezuela.

They’re trying to get in illegally

Sanitary conditions in the Rio Grande migrant camp are dire. Added to this are high temperatures reaching forty degrees Celsius. This year alone, more than 100 migrants have died from the heat along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Dehydration is a leading cause of death and rescue by the U.S. Border Patrol. Extreme temperatures are a major concern, especially during the summer months,” Jason Owens tweeted.

To stem the flow of immigrants, the Texas governor, who is a fierce critic of Joe Biden and his administration, decided to place a floating dam on the Rio Grande. – Texas has allocated over five billion dollars to secure the border. This floating dam will prevent people from reaching the United States, Greg Abbott said.

Despite the risk of deportation, desperate immigrants regularly try to cross the Rio Grande. Only this month, American services fished out the bodies of four people from the river. Among the migrants who died is a baby.

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