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Mexico. They were supposed to kidnap and kill the wrong people by mistake. The cartel “apologizes” and hands over those “responsible” to law enforcement

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A Mexican cartel whose members allegedly kidnapped four US citizens and killed two of them is “apologizing” for the attack. A photo of the people allegedly responsible for the robbery, released by the group to law enforcement authorities, has been posted online. The services were to find a letter with them, the content of which is quoted by CNN.

The car driven by the Americans was shot on Friday, March 3, on one of the streets of the city of Matamaros, which is adjacent to the border. Then all four were kidnapped. Four days later, the president Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gave information about finding abducted US citizens. Two of them were dead, a third was injured, and the fourth is unknown. Areli Pablo Servando, 33, was also killed in the shooting, according to “El Universal”, probably a random passer-by.

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Kidnapping Americans in Mexico. The cartel apologizes

On Thursday, a photo began circulating online, showing five men with their hands tied and their heads covered, lying on the road next to a black car. There was a handwritten letter on the hood of the car. Mexican media reports that the men lying on the asphalt are members of the Scorpion Group gang, an offshoot of the Gulf Cartel, one of Mexico’s largest and most dangerous cartels. The cartel leadership attributes responsibility for the kidnapping and murders to the men in the photo, and exposing them to law enforcement is supposed to be a form of apology.

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CNN reports that it had access to a letter left on the hood. “The Gulf Cartel apologizes to the community of Matamoros, Mrs. Arela’s relatives, as well as the affected Americans and their families. The Gulf Cartel and Scorpion Group strongly condemn the events of last Friday. responsible for it, who all along acted out of their own free will and indiscipline, and against the rules that the cartel always follows,” CNN quoted the letter as saying.

The station points out that it is unable to confirm with 100% certainty the authenticity of the photos or the letter. However, he adds that Mexican cartels often leave similar messages to their enemies or services after high-profile attacks or incidents. A CNN source also emphasizes that both Mexican and American authorities doubt the sincerity of the apology and whether the men exposed are really responsible for the attack. They suspect that the cartel decided to make such a move only because the case became high-profile and aroused public outrage.

They took them for smugglers from Haiti

The members of the hijacked group were identified as Latavia “Tay” McGee, Shaeed Woodard, Zindell Brown and Eric James Williams. The services confirmed that the fatalities were Woodard and Brown.

Initially, it was reported that Americans in Mexico wanted to buy drugs, but McGee’s mother explained to ABC News that her daughter had gone to Mexico for medical treatment. She was accompanied by her cousin, Woodard, who brought two acquaintances with him. Everything indicates that the members of the cartel attacked the Americans, mistakenly mistaking them for Haitian drug smugglers.

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