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Mexico. Waves of thick mud flooded the streets. Today I am happy to be alive

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Heavy rains hit Mexico. In the town of Chalco, located on the outskirts of the capital, canals and rivers overflowed, carrying away pieces of land and filling the streets with thick mud. According to local media, the flooding affected over 650 families.

On Thursday, the town of Chalco de Diaz Covarrubias, also known as Chalco, was hit by heavy rains. The rainwater caused the water levels in the rivers and canals that flow through the town to rise, causing them to overflow their banks, flooding the streets with thick mud.

“I'm glad I'm alive”

According to the website “Reporteros en Movimiento”, three districts, home to about 650 families, were flooded. The elements broke into buildings and streets, flooding basements and lower floors, and also damaged some vehicles parked on the streets. Members of the National Guard and bulldozers were sent to help clean up.

– Everything is full of mud. All the neighbors are helping each other – said one of the residents of Chalco. – They put down bags so that the water doesn't get in. There is so much mud that the National Guard is coming to help us. Yesterday was terrible, and today I'm happy to be alive – she described.

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– We estimate that the mud removal will be finished today, so the cleanup work will start tomorrow – said on Friday the mayor of the Chalco commune, Miguel Gutierrez. – Disinfection work will be carried out in all houses to help residents return to them, and then we will carry out a quantitative assessment of the damage.

As local authorities explained, the sewage infrastructure failed during the rain. A lot of water flowed and the canals were overflowing. In addition, the water carried with it mud, stones and debris, which could have worsened the situation and caused network congestion.

Reporteros en Movimiento, Reuters

Main image source: Reuters

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