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Michael Cohen Testifies Against Donald Trump: “He Approved the Plan”

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“It's going to be quite a ride in Washington,” he allegedly said Donald Trump to his former lawyer Michael Cohen after he approved the repayment plan for the property Stormy Daniels. The unprecedented trial of the former president began in April United States, who is accused of, among others, falsifying documents that may influence the election results.

This is a situation from the time of Donald Trump's first campaign. Prosecutors say Cohen paid the adult film star $130,000. dollars in exchange for silence about her contacts with her client. The meetings were supposed to take place in 2006, just a year after the wedding Melania Trump and shortly after the birth of the couple's son, Barron Trump.

According to the accuser, Trump, who was running for the White House, approved the lawyer's plan and ordered the costs to be covered from the sum allocated for legal expenses. And although paying for silence is not illegal, it is included in legal costs, according to the prosecutor's office falsifying documentswhich could have had a real impact on the election results.

Donald Trump's former lawyer testifies against the former president

Key testimony in the case was provided by Michael Cohen, who appeared in court on Monday. He claimed that he had a conversation with Donald Trump, who “approved” the previously agreed plan to repay Daniels: 12 installments in the amount of PLN 35,000. dollars, which were to be settled later as remuneration for legal services. The lawyer admitted that if the politician had chosen a legal method of payment, the amount would have been much higher due to the higher tax. He also said that This was not the only case when he acted “on Trump's orders and for Trump's benefit”.

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The presidential candidate was apparently aware that his participation in the elections would encourage many people to claim money for hiding information that was embarrassing to the politician. “There will be a lot of women who will come forward,” he reportedly told Cohen.

The lawyer also testified that he took part in negotiations with the publisher of the tabloid “National Enquirer”, which was to publish the story of Trump's contacts with the Playboy model. Karen McDougal. Trump allegedly had a telephone conversation with a representative of the magazine, during which he raised the topic of financial compensation for McDougal.

Donald Trump denies Cohen's reports

The former president listened to Michael Cohen's Monday testimony with his eyes closed. Trump pleads not guilty and denies ever being intimate with Stormy Daniels. After the hearing, in a conversation with journalists, he stated that his trial is politically motivated and will serve to thwart his return to the White House. The policy was supported by Republican senators Tommy Tuberville i J.D. Vancewho appeared at the trial.

– It is a shame that almost every person involved in the president's impeachment is a political agent of the Democrats – the second of them told journalists.

An unprecedented trial of an American president

Michael Cohen had been Donald Trump's lawyer since 2006. In 2018, he pleaded guilty to eight crimes, including tax and campaign finance violations.

Even before the trial began, the former president did not rule out that he might want to testify during the trials. Stormy Daniels also expressed her willingness to participate in the case, stating that she was afraid that if she appeared in court, there might be acts of aggression from Trump supporters.

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