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Michał Dworczyk may lose his immunity? TVN24: the application is already on Adam Bodnar's desk

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Later this month, the Sejm is expected to receive a motion to waive the immunity of PiS MP Michał Dworczyk in connection with the e-mail scandal, Wirtualna Polska wrote on Thursday. As TVN24 journalists found out, the application is already on Adam Bodnar's desk.

As Wirtualna Polska writes on Thursday, a motion to waive immunity is “at the last stage of preparation.” PiS MP Michał Dworczyk. It is expected to be submitted to the Sejm this month, and most likely as early as next week. This concerns investigations related to the e-mail scandal. According to the findings of TVN24 journalists, the application is already on the desk of the prosecutor general and the minister of justice Adam Bodnar.

It will concern, among others: possible abuse of authorizations by using a private e-mail box to perform official tasks. As WP writes, “the request for the Sejm to consent to holding Michał Dworczyk criminally liable may include not only the issue of using a private box for official purposes, including potentially information sensitive to state security, but also the issue of ordering the concealment of evidence in the case e-mail scandal.

Michał DworczykŁukasz Gągulski/PAP

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Dworczyk: the truth will always defend itself in the end

Michał Dworczyk commented on the matter on social media. “30 hours before the election silence, I am learning from journalists close to the current government about the request to waive the immunity,” he said, starting his entry on the “I have the status of a victim in this investigation,” he added.

“International cybersecurity companies (including Mandiant) point to links between the hackers and the Belarusian and Russian services. Today I learn from the media that I am not a victim, but apparently a suspect. Just before the elections in which I am running, I treat it as an unsuccessful attempt covering up the dramatic events and embarrassing problems of the current government. Typical action of the coalition on December 13 – the vindictive and cynical face of smiling Poland,” he wrote. “And the truth will always defend itself in the end,” the PiS politician concluded.

Investigations into the e-mail scandal

Three investigations into the e-mail scandal were initiated before the change of government. The duration of one of them was announced in August last year in response to an interpellation by MP Hanna Gill-Piątek from the Civic Coalition, then national prosecutor Dariusz Barski. The investigation concerns “excess of powers by public officials using private e-mail boxes to perform official tasks.”

The second investigation, which was also reported by Barski, concerns “the interception of access data to the e-mail account belonging to the Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.” The prosecutor's office has three suspects in this case. “Gazeta Wyborcza”, citing its sources, wrote that “the services established a 'chain of intermediaries' – the first of the suspicious people had access to the minister's mailbox, the second copied it and passed it to the third one, already directly related to Confidential Interview”, i.e. the portal that publishes e-mails from Dworczyk's mailbox.

The third investigation has been ongoing since February 2023. It concerns the suspicion that in the e-mail correspondence exchanged by Minister Michał Dworczyk with his defense advisor state secrets were revealed, including those protected with the highest “top secret” classification. The prosecutor's proceedings concern e-mail correspondence between Michał Dworczyk, then head of the prime minister's office, and his defense advisor, Colonel Krzysztof G.

The PiS government's e-mail scandal

Since mid-2021, e-mail correspondence has been published on anonymous channels and websites on the Internet, which is said to come from, among others, Dworczyk's private e-mail. The United Right government questioned the veracity of these emails, but did not provide an example of fake news. On the other hand, the authenticity of several of them has been publicly confirmed by people participating in the correspondence.


During the PiS government, the Government Information Center consistently stated that “Poland experienced a cybernetic and disinformation attack launched from the territory of the Russian Federation”, and therefore “the Chancellery of the Prime Minister will not comment on the content of the materials.”

Wirtualna Polska, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

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