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Michał “Mata” Matczak wants to run for president. It heralds the decriminalization of marijuana

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Rapper Michał “Mata” Matczak declares his willingness to run for president, but not yet, because it would be the elections in 2040. There is a thread of legal marijuana in the background – in politics, the thread is neither new nor very effective. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Instead of a new music video, a performance, instead of new lines and bits, a message. – I would like all forest grandparents to finally understand that their time has passed and new ones are coming – says rapper Michał “Mata” Matczak, who in this way, apparently, declares his willingness to run for president.

– I am already officially starting my campaign for the office of the President of the Republic of Poland in 2040. Right now, because young people often exceed the competences of the older generation – he claims. Whether it’s a press or fake conference, the rapper “Mata” does not specify.

“Mata” wants marijuana decriminalization

The postulates of “Mata” seem familiar. – Marijuana is less harmful and addictive than alcohol, but just like alcohol is a drug and it is worth remembering – says the rapper. – I will remind you about it, because I understood that the only way to change the unjust law is not to idealize hehe ziółka, but to make the society aware of the long-term – he adds.

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The artist has been demanding to depenalise marijuana for months – just as he has to appear in court for months after he was caught in possession of one and a half grams of drugs, which, according to the idea of ​​the Parliamentary Team for the Legalization of Marijuana, should be allowed – this is the only thing that has in common Left and Confederation.

– Someone who smokes a joint on his own responsibility as an adult faces three years in prison. This is a scandal, believes Konrad Berkowicz from the Confederation.

Michał “Mata” Matczak wants to run for presidentYouTube.com/MATA

Joints in the hands of parliamentarians – among others Janusz Palikot – in the parliamentary environment it is not a novelty, as in the case of Piotr Liroy-Marzec, combining rap with politics. While both are doing cannabis businesses today while they were in parliament, their plans to legalize marijuana have not worked out.

– Good thing she wants to change that. This is a symbolic matter, it will not deal with all matters in Poland, but you have to start somewhere, says Janusz Palikot. – Criminalizing marijuana is a very serious sin when it comes to Polish parties – adds Piotr Liroy-Marzec.

Potentially the longest campaign in the history of Polish politics

It is not known whether the “Mata” campaign is serious, but drugs – even the so-called soft drugs – are no joke. – Western Europe liberalized its law, while we tightened it, reaching the point that at the moment the possession of even small amounts of drugs for personal use is penalized, which is currently unique in Europe – says the sociologist Janusz Sierosławski from the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology at In Warsaw and an expert of the National Center for Counteracting Addiction.

Patryk Jaki – the greatest cannabis liberal from the ruling camp, agreeing to the so-called medical marijuana, is “no”. – Drug depenalization in general is something that I will always fight against. I am convinced that young people can be offered something much more valuable – claims the politician of Solidarity Poland.

– For almost twenty years of my election campaign, I want to fully grow up as an artist and a person in front of the whole of Poland. Thanks to my music and social media, you will be able to watch all my ups and downs in order to finally assess my character and decide – says “Mata”. Possible decision in 18 years, after potentially the longest campaign in the history of Polish politics.

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