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Michał Olszewski will no longer be vice-president of Warsaw. Who will replace him?

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Michał Olszewski leaves the position of vice-president of Warsaw. After 13 years, he finished working at the capital city hall. We already know who will replace him. She is an activist of Poland 2050.

Olszewski, responsible for investments at the town hall, was the first deputy president, which means that he took over his duties in Rafał Trzaskowski's absence. According to “Gazeta Stołeczna”, the current vice-president finished his work in the city hall a few days ago, on April 26.

The mayor of the capital, whose task is to appoint and dismiss his deputies, has not yet commented on the changes, claiming that final decisions have not been made yet. According to “Stołeczna”, Olszewski is to be replaced by Adriana Porowska, an activist of Poland 2050.

Olszewski evaluates his years of work for the town hall positively. Among his successes, he mentioned, among others, EU funding for the construction of the second metro line. He also explained to “Stołeczna” that he is “proud of restoring the Vistula River, the boulevards and the pedestrian and bicycle bridge to Warsaw residents.” He also recalled that he fought for the New Center of Warsaw, and he also urged Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, who was the president of Warsaw before Rafał Trzaskowski, for changes in the very center. Among his successes, he also mentioned changes in Praga: revitalization of streets and equipping tenement houses with municipal heating.

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Adriana Porowska. Who is the new vice president of Warsaw?

Who is Porowska who will replace him as vice-president of Warsaw? “I have been close to people and their affairs all my life. Standing up for the rights of people in need, literally fighting for their health and lives every day, has made me fearless. Unfortunately, not all problems can be solved from the bottom up. I got involved in Poland 2050 activities precisely to to have better tools to improve the lot of those who need our help the most. The end of non-dasism in politics!” – presents itself on the official website of Poland 2050.

She has been associated with non-governmental organizations for 19 years. He cooperates with local government and government administration. She is also a long-time chairwoman of the Social Dialogue Commission of the Mayor of Warsaw and co-chair of the expert committee of the Commissioner for Human Rights. By profession and passion – social worker. Is able to build a coalition around topics. Expert of the 2050 Strategy and co-author of plans for Poland.

As we read, as vice-president of Warsaw, Porowska wants, among other things, to: “restore the confidence of the local government and the state in citizens”, address the housing crisis – she supports apartments for long-term safe rental.

“The implementation of monumental investments cannot be an excuse for the lack of activities to improve the lives of seniors, people with disabilities or children from foster care. I will make sure that the city provides appropriate support to excluded groups,” she also wrote in her bio.

Gazeta Stołeczna, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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