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Michał Woś's immunity. There is a decision of the regulations committee

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There is a decision of the Sejm's regulations committee regarding the motion to lift the immunity of former deputy minister of justice Michał Woś. – The committee will submit to the Sejm a proposal to adopt the motion to lift the immunity and bring criminal charges against MP Michał Woś – informed the head of the committee, Jarosław Urbaniak (KO).

On Wednesday, the Parliamentary Committee on Rules, Deputies' Affairs and Immunities dealt with a motion to waive the immunity of Sovereign Poland MP Michał Woś (PiS club), former deputy minister of justice. However, the vote was postponed to Thursday because “there were procedural problems and doubts about who should vote.”

The committee voted to agree to impeachment PiS MP Michał Woś, as requested by the National Prosecutor.

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– The committee will submit to the Sejm a proposal to accept the motion to waive the immunity and hold MP Michał Woś criminally liable – its chairman, Jarosław Urbaniak (KO), announced on Thursday at the committee meeting.

Pursuant to the Act on the exercise of the mandate of a deputy and senator, after considering the case, the regulations, parliamentary affairs and immunity committee adopts a report along with a proposal to accept or reject the application. The Sejm consents to holding a deputy criminally liable by an absolute majority of votes of the statutory number of deputies.

The National Prosecutor's Office requested the waiver of Woś's immunity

The motion to lift Woś's immunity was submitted to the Sejm at the end of May. It is related to the investigation of the National Prosecutor's Office regarding the expenditure of funds for the purchase of Pegasus-type software from the Justice Fund, as well as the expenditure of public funds for the purchase of a license to use the Pegasus system.

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Prosecutor Marcin Wielgomas from the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, presenting a motion to waive Woś's immunity at the committee meeting, said that “the National Prosecutor's Office is conducting proceedings regarding irregularities related to the expenditure of funds from the Justice Fund from January 1, 2016 to December 2023.”

– One of the topics of the proceedings was the issue of spending funds for the purchase of Pegasus software by CBA. As part of this procedure, the inspection results were obtained NIK in the Justice Fund, which assessed the spending of these funds,” the prosecutor reported. He explained that in the opinion of the prosecutor's office, there was an excess of powers and failure to fulfill obligations, because Article 4(1) of the Act on the Central Anticorruption Bureau indicates that this special service is financed from the state budget. He added that the Supreme Audit Office's findings also show that “the Minister of Justice and the CBA were entities that represented the State Treasury and could not conclude such an agreement.” As he pointed out, in accordance with Article 11 of the Public Finance Act, the CBA could not accept PLN 25 million zloty.

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The committee debated the motion to waive the immunity of Michał Woś

Michał Woś argued that the prosecutor's office also accused him in the application that the CBA obtained a financial benefit through public funding and that in this way it acted to the detriment of the public interest. PiS MPs Elżbieta WitekKazimierz Smoliński and Barbara Bartuś and MEP Patryk Jaki They asked the prosecutor to provide proof that Woś had appropriated any personal or material benefit to himself, as well as an example of the public damage he had committed. They emphasized that there was no justification for the prosecutor's request.

Answering this question, prosecutor Wielgomas said that “the accusation formulated by the prosecutor (…) does not in any way concern the acceptance of financial benefits.” – It is not the case that we can indicate the benefit that the Marshal asked to indicate, i.e. the money that MP Woś was supposed to accept, because this motion does not include such arguments – he replied.

Woś's defender, Marcin Warchoł (PiS), pointed out that both the CBA and the Justice Fund belong to the same sector – public finances. – So we are dealing with a transfer of funds from one unit of the financial sector to another – he said.

Michał Woś at the meeting of the regulations committeePAP/Rafał Guz

In 2017-2018, Woś was the deputy head of the Ministry of Justice in the United Right government. He was authorized by the then Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro to perform the duties of an administrator of the Justice Fund. In September 2017, Woś submitted an application to the Ministry of Finance to change the financial plan of the Justice Fund – the amount of PLN 25 million was transferred to the Central Anticorruption Bureau and was used to purchase the Pegasus system.

Main photo source: PAP/Rafał Guz

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