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Michałów-Grabina in Mazovia. A mysterious announcement in the forest asking for the remains of the dead to be moved. The police are investigating

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An announcement appeared in the village of Michałów-Grabina near Legionowo, which shows that due to the planned construction of a mobile telephone mast, the guardians of the graves located there are asked to move the remains of the fallen. The State Forests deny and say: this is a provocation. The police are already dealing with the case.

We received information about the announcement on Kontakt24.

“In connection with the planned construction of a mobile telephony mast on the “Żywiczna” hill, we ask the guardians of the graves located here to move them together with the remains of the fallen to another location – by September 1, 2023. On September 4, 2023, the first leveling works” – we read in its content.

The logo of the State Forests can be seen on a foil-covered sheet of paper attached to a tree.

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The information appeared on the Our Forests profile, which is created in social media by forest lovers. A commentary was also attached: “They will level the graves of the fallen near Warsaw. The State Forests call on the caretakers of the graves to take the remains of people, because a mobile telephone mast will be erected in this place. (…) Residents are indignant, because how can it be. This is a hill covered with forest near the village of Michałów-Grabina near Legionowo.

State Forests: this is a provocation

We asked the State Forests about the matter. – The announcement was neither prepared nor distributed by the State Forests. This is a provocation that was reported to the police for clarification, spokesman Michał Gzowski briefly told us in response.

The State Forests also published a comment on Twitter, in which it was written, among others: “As a rule, we do not deny obvious nonsense, but this time we felt that we had to react.”

In response, Our Forests wrote on Facebook: “Due to the fact that LP denied this announcement and it is impossible to prove who hung it at the moment, we have removed the previous entry. It concerns the hill of Michałów-Grabina. If you have information in this case, please contact us in a private message.

The police conduct checks

The Legionowo police confirmed that they are investigating the case. – On March 22, the police station in Nieporęt received a letter from the Jabłonna Forest Inspectorate. Actions are being carried out under Article 307 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, i.e. it is being checked whether a crime has been committed, said Commissioner Justyna Stopińska from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Legionowo. She pointed out that the notification concerned the fact that an announcement had been posted about the need to move the graves located on the hill at Żywiczna Street. The forest inspectorate quoted its content and provided the photo to the police.

Stopińska pointed out that the police must begin by interrogating a representative of the forestry inspectorate. – If we confirm that a crime has been committed, the proceedings will be carried out in the direction of Article 190a – she concluded.

Article 190a § 1. Whoever, by persistent harassment of another person or a person close to him, arouses a sense of threat justified by the circumstances or significantly violates his privacy, is subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years. another person, uses their image or other personal data in order to cause them material or personal damage. § 3. If the consequence of the act specified in § 1 or 2 is the victim’s attempt on his own life, the perpetrator shall be punishable by imprisonment from one year to 10 years. § 4. The prosecution of the offense specified in § 1 or 2 is at the request of the injured party.

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: State Forests, twitter.com / Shutterstock

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