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Michałowo. A foster family from Ukraine found shelter in Poland

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They fled from Ukraine before the war, they have nowhere to return to because their home was destroyed. Fortunately, in Poland, the foster family found peace, refuge and hope for the future. The parents and their ten children live in Michałów in Podlasie.

The couple – Dymitryj and Natalia Romanenko – have three children and seven adopted children.

They created a foster family for them. The youngest of the children is six years old, the oldest goes to high school and plans to study medicine. “It’s okay, I have friends. I have plans for the future, I want to be a doctor, to study medicine in Poland, emphasizes the oldest of the Romanenkos’ sons.

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Dmitry and Natalia RomanenkoTVN24

New home, new life

Until last year, they all lived in Sloviansk, Donetsk region. When the Russian invasion of Ukraine, everyone packed what they could into a backpack and set off to Poland. They also took a cat and a dog with them. Here, thanks to the Mała Ojczyzna Foundation and the commune of Michałów (Podlasie), they found a home.

Maria Ancipiuk, president of the Michałów city council and the founder of the foundation, recalls that at the beginning of the war she received information that a 12-person family with children from an orphanage needed help. “It was with great joy that I invited them to this apartment. I got very used to them. I love them very much and I won’t let anyone hurt them.

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The family planned to return to Ukraine once it was safe there, but their home was completely destroyed. Now they have nowhere to go back to. Children go to schools or kindergartens, the family manages the Polish language, and Dymitryj got a job. They look to the future with hope.

– It’s a little tight, but safe. You know, all together. We would like to thank everyone for their help, for the shelter, for the silence – emphasizes Natalia Romanenko.

– I have a lot of friends here at school. She came with England girl, I will go to her for additional Polish – says one of the daughters of the Romanenkos. And the other adds: – Everything is fine, I have friends, I study well.

They fled to Poland before the warTVN24

They had fled before the war. “They promised each other that if it worked out, they would take the children from the orphanage”

As they say, it wasn’t the first time they had to run away. In 2014 when Russia attacked the Crimea, the family lived in the Donetsk Coal Basin, where separatists took over towns and cities. Dymitry worked in the mine at the time. On his 35th birthday, he was waiting at the bus stop to get to work. Then the mortar fire began. The man was seriously injured. It was a miracle for everyone that he survived. “His life hung in the balance. They promised each other that if he came out of it, they would take the children from the orphanage. That’s what they did, says Ancipiuk.

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Immediately after he recovered, the family decided to move to Słowiańsk and set up a family orphanage there. They took in seven children and created a real home for them. Later they went with them to Poland.

Main photo source: TVN24

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