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Microsoft has detected a new group of Russian hackers

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Microsoft’s cybersecurity team said on Wednesday that it had uncovered a hitherto unknown group of hackers behind an ongoing wave of cyberattacks against Ukraine and NATO countries supporting Kiev. The group, which Microsoft has dubbed Cadet Blizzard, is also said to be responsible for the destructive attacks ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, although it is not as successful as other hacking groups.

As the American company reported on its blog, Cadet Blizzard has been conducting cyberattacks against government agencies and telecommunications companies since February 2023. Ukraine. The group has also been blamed for the January 2022 attacks that purged data from government and other systems in Ukraine.

According to Microsoft, Russian hackers associated with the GRU operate seven days a week, but focus their activities outside of the working hours of offices and companies. The group is also expected to conduct operations against NATO countries helping Ukraine. The New York Times reported that it is about intelligence activities mainly directed against the former Soviet republics.

However, the American concern notes that compared to other GRU hacking teams such as Iridium (Seashell Blizzard) and Strontium (Forest Blizzard), Cadet Blizzard’s activities are relatively ineffective.

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Microsoft also notes, among other things, that the Telegram channel where hackers post materials stolen during their hacks has only 1.3 thousand views. followers, and the entries published there are not popular.

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