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Microsoft LASERs away LLM inaccuracies

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Through the January Microsoft Research Forum, Dipendra Misra, a senior researcher at Microsoft Analysis Lab NYC and AI Frontiers, defined how Layer-Selective Rank Discount (or LASER) could make giant language fashions extra correct. 

With LASER, researchers can “intervene” and change one weight matrix with an approximate smaller one. Weights are the contextual connections fashions make. The heavier the burden, the extra the mannequin depends on it. So, does changing one thing with extra correlations and contexts make the mannequin much less correct? Primarily based on their take a look at outcomes, the reply, surprisingly, is not any. 

“We’re doing intervention utilizing LASER on the LLM, so one would anticipate that the mannequin loss ought to go up as we’re doing extra approximation, which means that the mannequin goes to carry out unhealthy, proper, as a result of we’re throwing out data from an LLM, which is educated on giant quantities of information,” Misra stated. “However to our shock, we discover that if the correct sort of LASER intervention is carried out, the mannequin loss doesn’t go up however really goes down.”

Misra stated his workforce efficiently used LASER on three totally different open-source fashions: RoBERTa, Llama 2, and Eleuther’s GPT-J. He stated, at occasions, mannequin enchancment elevated by 20 to 30 proportion factors. For instance, the efficiency of GPT-J for gender prediction based mostly on biographies went from 70.9 p.c accuracy to 97.5 p.c after a LASER intervention.

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