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Miedzianka. They are protesting against the construction of a photovoltaic farm

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Residents of Miedzianka (Lower Silesia) oppose plans to build a huge photovoltaic farm. They are afraid that it will destroy one of the main advantages of their village, i.e. the beautiful view of the Sudetes. The town became famous thanks to the book “Miedzianka. The Story of Disappearance” by Filip Springer, published several years ago. Since then, tourism and local businesses have slowly begun to develop. The farm would be built on land belonging to the village head of Miedzianka.

This is a unique place on the map of Poland. Supposedly close to the crowded Karpacz, supposedly close to the busy road to the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains. But it is located off the beaten path, on a until recently forgotten part of the Rudawy Janowickie, part of which visible from Miedzianka is proudly called the Sokolie Mountains.

Looking at the forested hill, it is hard to believe that not long ago there was a Lower Silesian town filled with tenement houses here. Copper and cobalt have been mined there for centuries, and in the 20th century, attempts were made to extract uranium ore. So intensely that more and more houses were sinking underground. Some of them were demolished, but in the 1980s and 1990s there were fewer and fewer traces left in the city.

The story of the disappearance was described in 2011 by Filip Springer in his debut book. The story became so popular that it triggered the renaissance process of Miedzianka. The brewery, restaurant and hotel were renovated, and the Szyb Miedzianka bookstore, designed by Robert Konieczny, was built. Tourists fascinated by the past and enchanted by the landscape began to arrive.

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Meanwhile, on February 29, an application for a new investment in Miedzianka was published on the website of the commune office in Janowice Wielkie. Energie Quella wants to build a photovoltaic farm on a field plot. Right next to the brewery rebuilt a few years ago

Residents protest

The owners of the Old School in Miedzianka published a post on Facebook in which they informed residents about possible changes in the local landscape.

– This will be a sad Miedzian post. Check out this map. Browar Miedzianka is marked in light blue. Do you know what these places are marked with blue stripes on the map? These are… photovoltaic panelswhich the Energie Quella company, thanks to the lease of plot no. 4/30, wants to build in front of us, right next to the brewery, on the entire plot from which the panels will extend, up to the road to Miedzianka – as you can see on the map – we read in the announcement of the Old School in Miedzianka.

– I started to announce that there was such a planned investment, because until now no one knew about it. We are starting to collect the so-called voice of the community, but also of tourists, all those who love Miedzianka. In this way, we want to express our opposition to the commune as part of public consultations. We have a month for this, so we are writing a petition and we want to publicize this matter – explain the owners of Stara Szkoła Miedzianka in an interview with tvn24.pl.

As they add, no one lives on the agricultural plot where the farm is to be built, but right next to it there is a brewery to which thousands of people come every year to admire the view from this place. If the investment were to come to fruition, solar panels would be in the foreground.

Photovoltaic farm on the village head’s plot

As tvn24.pl found out, the leased plot belongs to the village head of Miedzianka.

– I leased a plot of land to this company. It’s my property, so I can decide. I can sell it, I can lease it, I can give it to someone for free – says Andrzej Brudziński, the village head of Miedzianka, in an interview with tvn24.pl.

Szyb Miedzianka, i.e. an apartment and a bookstore in one

Miedzianka ShaftSzyb Miedzianka, i.e. an apartment and a bookstore in oneKWK Promes

As the village head explains, “there is fifth or sixth class land there, and it is practically difficult for anything to grow.” – I didn’t build this farm like a thief quietly. Everything is legally reported, we need agri-environmental opinions, some other opinions from other offices, but no one will force it, he says.

– Such an investment will certainly not harm anyone, it does not emit any sewage, smoke or gases, because it is an ecological matter. Additionally, the commune will receive approximately PLN 380-400,000 from the tax that the photovoltaic farm will pay – adds Brudziński.

Landscape in MiedziankaAlicja Majewska

The commune of Janowice Wielkie published a statement. “It will obviously cause harm.”

Despite numerous attempts, representatives of the Janowice Wielkie commune did not agree to an interview with tvn24.pl. However, the commune published an official statement in which it clearly opposes the investment.

– The mayor would like to point out that the Janowice Wielkie Commune is also a party in these proceedings, due to the proximity of the planned investment to municipal roads. (…) The mayor has the right to express the opinion that the project will obviously harm the local community and landscape values. Everyone is aware that the landscape values ​​of the commune are the main reason why residents want to live here and enjoy the natural surroundings. Our promotional slogan is “A commune embedded in nature”, which should always be taken seriously. Meanwhile, the construction of a huge photovoltaic farm at the expense of meadows, trees and valuable landscape is an obvious contradiction of the promotional slogan, causing outrage of the Mayor and residents asking for a reaction – we read in the commune’s announcement. – Unfortunately, according to the applicable regulations, the Mayor is obliged to conduct proceedings in this case resulting from the request of a private investor, without having the possibility to refuse to undertake the proceedings. The mayor hopes that all institutions giving opinions and consultations will take into account the position of the commune and its inhabitants – write commune representatives on the official website.

The commune also informs that “the mayor imposed on the investor the obligation to carry out an environmental impact assessment of the project.” – Until the investor submits a report on the environmental impact of the project, the proceedings are suspended – we read.

As the village head of Miedzianka explained in an interview with tvn24.pl, the environmental impact assessment should be ready by the end of the week.

The author of the book about Miedzianka encourages people to oppose the investment

Filip Springer has already reacted to the information about the possible construction of a photovoltaic farm on his Facebook.

– I took this photo a few years ago in the evening from the balcony of the coolest room in Browar Miedzianka. Today I find out that it is planned to build a large farm of photovoltaic panels on these plots – writes the author of the book “Miedzianka. The Story of Disappearance”.

As he explains, “the farm is to be so large that the penitential cross, which stands more or less in the very center of the frame, will be surrounded by panels on almost all sides.”

Penitential cross in MiedziankaAlicja Majewska

Springer appeals for sending letters of objection to the investment.

– It is quite difficult for me to protest against the construction of solar panels. However, I will send my objection to this investment to the commune secretary. And I would like to ask all friends of Miedzianka and Festival po Drodze friends to do the same. But maybe before we start building such installations in areas with the most valuable landscape and in landscape parks, let’s do it in places where the landscape will not suffer so much – adds Springer in the release.

Plot on which a photovoltaic farm would be builtAlicja Majewska

Author:Svitlana Kucherenko/PKoz

Main photo source: Alicja Majewska

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