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Miedźno. The police chase after the driver ended in a collision with a coach carrying children

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Up to 10 years in prison – this punishment threatens a 25-year-old driver who did not stop for police control, and ended his daring escape by entering a coach in Miedźno (Śląskie Voivodeship). The vehicle was used by children and caretakers from the primary school in the Popów commune.

According to the police, a 25-year-old resident of the Miedźno commune (Śląskie Voivodeship) has already been punished many times for road traffic offenses. This time his achievements will be assessed by the court. On Friday, the man was driving a black Nissan without license plates, which attracted the attention of a patrol in the village of Kamyk. Despite being ordered to stop and undergo control, the driver decided to continue.


The man sped up and began to run away. The policemen gave chase. The man running away from the police car was wearing a balaclava, which he covered his face. The driver was driving at high speed and tried to lose the police car that was chasing him through the streets of Kłobucka and the town of Makra – reported the young asp. Marlena Wiśniewska from the press team of the District Police Headquarters in Kłobuck.

The 25-year-old broke traffic rules one by one: he overtook on a double continuous line, drove against the current into a roundabout, and, overtaking a truck with a semi-trailer, almost led to a head-on collision. The chase lasted several minutes and ended in Miedźno. – The driver tried to make a sharp turn and drive into the yard of one of the properties. Then it hit an oncoming bus with 38 children and three carers from an elementary school in the Popów commune – adds the spokeswoman.

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The driver crashed into a bus carrying children from the primary school in PopowoSilesian police

Even though the situation looked quite dangerous, no one was seriously injured. According to the police, one of the children was hospitalized. However – according to the policewoman – it happened at the explicit request of the parents. We received the first information about this event on Contact24.

A detained driver will be brought to trial

The 25-year-old was detained and tested with a breathalyzer. It is known that he was sober at the time of the incident. Moreover, his blood was taken for a test, the results of which will confirm whether he was under the influence of drugs. – The driver will be held accountable not only for a number of traffic violations, but also for failing to stop for police control and running away. The 25-year-old will also be responsible for causing a disaster in land traffic that threatens the life or health of many people, says Wiśniewska.

A 25-year-old man was driving the carSilesian police

The suspect is facing up to 10 years in prison.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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