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Monday, October 18, 2021

Mierzyn. He was supposed to shoot children in the playground. The policemen found the man and secured a windbreaker

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Children playing on the playground at the kindergarten in Mierzyn (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) ran to the teacher and said that “you shot”. The caregivers immediately evacuated the preschoolers, and the director of the facility notified the police about the case. Officers identified a man who could use an air rifle. And this – in an interview with a TVN24 reporter – admitted that he had shot, but not at children.

The incident took place on Monday at around 11 a.m. in the kindergarten at Welecka Street in Mierzyn. As Beata Nowicka, the director of the Kindergarten Complex in Mierzyn, says, there were 40 children aged four to six on the playground at that time.

– The children were at the playground and at one point they ran to the teacher that you were shooting, that you had a broken gun and you put the balls in it. The teachers immediately reacted correctly, because they evacuated the children from the playground, notified me by phone, and then I called the police – she says.

Nowicka immediately went to kindergarten. There she confirmed that nobody was hurt.

The police also arrived.

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Playground at the kindergarten in MierzynTVN24

The police know who may have used the air rifle. He claims he shot, but not children

– We have received a report that someone in the vicinity of the kindergarten on Welecka Street in Mierzyn may fire an airgun. The police on the spot confirmed this intervention. There they quickly identified a man who could use an air rifle that day. They revealed the weapon in his place of residence, it was secured, among other things, to check whether its possession requires a proper permit – says the young asp. Katarzyna Leśnicka from the Poviat Police Headquarters.

He adds that procedural steps have been carried out with the man.

– All activities were conducted in the direction of article 160 of the Penal Code, i.e. exposure to danger. At this stage of the proceedings, the man was not arrested. Today (on Wednesday), all materials collected in this case will also be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for legal and criminal assessment – adds Leśnicka.


As it turned out, the man lives in the neighborhood of the kindergarten. In an interview with Sebastian Napieraj, a TVN24 reporter, the man briefly admitted that he was shooting with an airgun, but not at children.

Kindergarten in MierzynTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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