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Migrants from Michałów sent to the border. MFA deputy head, Marcin Przydacz, on their situation

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A group of migrants, including children from Michałów, was sent to the border with Belarus. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcin Przydacz, when asked in “Fakty po Faktach”, where the children are, replied that this question should be “addressed to the parents of these children”. He noted that if migrants “would like to apply for asylum, there is a Polish consulate in the nearby Grodno, which they tried to cross illegally”. “I checked even today and there have been no recent asylum applications,” he added.

On September 27, a group of 20 migrants, including women and eight children, found themselves in front of the Border Guard post in Michałów in Podlasie. They were people from Iraq and Turkish Kurds. The Border Guard said that the migrants had been led to the border with Belarus.


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcin Przydacz asked on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach”, where are the children from Michałów. He replied to the leader, Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska, that “this is a question that should be addressed to the parents of these children, about whom so much is being talked about”.

He added that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not deal with the subject of these children.” – According to the information we obtained, probably all of them publicly from the Border Guard, the parents of these children refused to apply for asylum or international protection in Poland – said Przydacz.

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Note that on one of the recordings from the border guards station in Michałów you can hear migrants asking for help and asylum in Poland, Przydarz replied that “he had not seen such recordings, so it was difficult for him to relate to them”.

– As a representative of the Ministry of Diplomacy, I can only say that if they would like to apply for asylum, there is a Polish consulate in the nearby Grodno, which they tried to cross illegally. I checked today and no asylum applications have been recorded there recently – he said.

Noting that the migrants were in Michałów and the Border Guard took them out and left them on the border in the forest, he said that he “understands that now the main task of part of the Polish opposition, part of the Polish media, is to create an image of children.” – We cannot look at the issue of the security of the Polish state through this prism – said Przydacz.

– The security of the Polish state is threatened by a hybrid attack by Alexander Lukashenka, which consists in deliberately bringing migrants and causing internal divisions in Poland. Being aware that he will not do it by bringing in young men in the first place, it is obvious that he is trying to create this type of situation in which it will be possible to impose emotional blackmail through pictures of young children – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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