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Migrants from Michałów sent to the border with Belarus. Michałów’s deputy mayor, Konrad Sikora, on building a migrant assistance point

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Migrants, including women and children, were sent from Michałów to the border with Belarus. Konrad Sikora, the deputy mayor of this town, said in the program “Yes, it is” that a “point for people in need” is being created in Michałów, which will also be available to migrants. – Autumn is coming, winter is coming soon, you know what the temperatures are – he said.

Over 20 migrants – including women and eight children – found on Monday morning in Szymki, stayed later that day in front of the Border Guard post in Michałów in Podlasie. On Wednesday, the spokeswoman for the Podlasie Branch of the Border Guard Katarzyna Zdanowicz said in an interview with a TVN24 reporter that “the procedure was applied to migrants in accordance with the regulation”. She confirmed that there were women and children among them. She also reported that the migrants “have been led to the border line and are now in Belarus”.

There is an increased number of migrants in the areas near the border with Belarus. The Polish authorities argue that this is the result of a “hybrid war” waged by the Lukashenka regime. Part of the Lublin region and Podlasie is under a state of emergency. There are numerous restrictions, and journalists are not allowed there.


Deputy mayor of Michałów: we do not want it to be said that children freeze in Michałów

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Deputy mayor of Michałów, Konrad Sikora, spoke in “Yes,” on TVN24 about the current migration situation from the perspective of the town.

– We are creating a point for people in need, this point will be run by our municipal and communal social welfare center for all residents. However, if it turns out that an immigrant will also go there, he will of course be cared for, and the Border Guard will be informed – he said. He also said that the point would be operational from Monday.

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When asked where the idea for such an initiative came from, he indicated that “autumn is coming, winter is coming soon, you know what the temperatures are”. – Therefore, we do not want people and children to freeze in Michałów – he explained.

– We do not wish any citizen, whether of our country or another, to be hurt because of a cold or for any other reason. Hence the point. If one day, for example, one of these migrants or refugees succeeds, that’s great, added Sikora.

Deputy mayor of Michałów: we do not want it to be said that children freeze in MichałówTVN24

Sikora: We appealed to the residents to help

Sikora also talked about Thursday session of the city council in Michałów, to which the deputy commander of the local Border Guard post, Major Piotr Dederko, who had held this position since Monday, September 27, arrived. He was asked by councilors what happened to the children who found themselves in front of the Border Guard facility in Michałów, and earlier, together with a group of immigrants, were detained in the village of Szymki.

The deputy mayor admitted that the invitation of a representative of the Border Guard “was an initiative of the councilors”. – We wanted some information on what was happening. On the other hand, such cooperation between the services and the local government is advisable, because, after all, there is a state of emergency in our country – he said.

When asked if the inhabitants saw migrants in the city, he replied that “it happened many times that they appeared somewhere”. “In front of houses, in various places,” he said.

– As a local government, we appealed to our inhabitants to help in such a situation. Give water, tea or whatever they need – said Sikora.

The TVN24 guest was also asked to comment on the use of the push back method by the Border Guard, i.e. driving migrants to the place where they crossed the border. – I’m not here to judge the work of the Border Guard. They act according to procedures, orders, and do what they have to do. I hope it is legal – said Sikora.

Main photo source: TVN24

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