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Migrants from Michałów sent to the border with Belarus. Tomasz Grodzki, Speaker of the Senate, comments

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Sending the migrants, including children, to Belarus is, according to Tomasz Grodzki (KO), a “morally devastating situation.” He pointed out that “guarding the border is indisputable, but in its constitution, Poland takes special care of children”.

26 migrants – including women and eight children – found on Monday morning in Szymki, stayed later that day in front of the Border Guard post in Michałów in Podlasie. On Wednesday, the spokeswoman for the Podlasie Branch of the Border Guard Katarzyna Zdanowicz said in an interview with a TVN24 reporter that “the procedure was applied to migrants in accordance with the regulation”. She confirmed that there were women and children among them. She also reported that the migrants “have been led to the border line and are now in Belarus”.

TVN24 reporters are trying to determine where exactly they have been led: na border crossing, to the forest or to a specific town. The Border Guard, referring to the restriction of access to information on activities carried out in the area covered by the state of emergency in connection with the protection of the state border, refuses to provide detailed information.


Grodzki about migrants sent from Michałów to Belarus

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Marshal Grodzki commented on this situation in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24.

– I am indignant – it is not enough to say. I am shocked by this – that is not enough to say. I couldn’t sleep that night when I saw these God of the spirit owed little children – he said. – I have granddaughters, many of us have grandchildren and granddaughters. Imagine how we would react if such harm was done to these innocent children and we could observe it – he pointed out. In his opinion “this is a morally devastating situation”.

Grodzki: I am indignant, shocked – that is not enough to sayTVN24

– Guarding the border is indisputable, but Poland takes special care of children in its constitution. Poland at the UN forum, as a huge success, carried out the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Meanwhile, we are trampling on this convention, we are trampling on our constitution, assessed the Marshal of the Senate.

As he added, “God of the spirit owes children, several months or a couple of years old, who certainly do not threaten the security of the country, we condemn them to be mucked and for what, because they were taken somewhere to the forest to frost, to the darkness”. – Imagine this situation. It is absolutely unacceptable, it goes out into the world and it gives us the worst testimony – said Grodzki.

Main photo source: TVN24

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