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Migrants in Poland. Janina Ochojska about the conditions in a closed center in Kętrzyn

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Janina Ochojska spoke on TVN24 about a closed center for foreigners in Kętrzyn, which she visited on Tuesday. There is, she said, “a huge communication problem” due to a staff shortage. – There are two social workers out of 387 people. There are no such people, no interpreters, no psychologists, no psychiatrists, said the president of the Polish Humanitarian Action.

Janina Ochojska, MEP, president of the Polish Humanitarian Action on Tuesday spent several hours in a closed center for foreigners in Kętrzyn in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. There are, among others, refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq.


Ochojska talked about the visit to this place and the conditions there in the evening in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. She said that “the foreigners in this center are basically in good physical condition, but the mental condition is worse”. – They’ve been there for a month or so. The conditions at this resort are good, the staff tries hard. But people mentally can’t stand the closure – she added.

As Ochojska said, “there is a feeling of crampedness, the rooms are small and this additionally causes such panic in these people to escape to freedom”. – Many times during the talks it was said that they want freedom. They fled Afghanistan or Iraq before the war, before the enslavement. Here they would like to be free. They do not understand why – especially those who have documents and applied for international protection – are locked up, why they cannot be in open centers – she emphasized.

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Center for foreigners. “There is a huge problem with communication”

The president of the Polish Humanitarian Organization stated that the situation of children was the most difficult. There are 150 of them in the center in Kętrzyn, including 90 of school age.

– These children are also in prison, behind the barbed wire. Parents ask why. After all, these children did not do anything wrong. This situation prevents them from attending normal school, which is a very important factor in the integration process. Because it is children who learn a language the fastest and involve their parents in it. There is one small class, 90 children and two teachers. Children learn a little Polish, a little math, a little nature – she said.

Ochojska also talked about another “very important problem”. – Both in this center and in others there is a huge problem with communication. People in the centers are completely confused. What rights they have, what awaits them, what they can claim, what not – she said.

This communication problem – she explained – “results from the fact that suddenly there are a lot of people in these centers”. – In Kętrzyn there are two social workers out of 387 people. There are no such people, no interpreters, no psychologists, no psychiatrists. It is difficult for employees to find time even for a simple conversation – she said.

Ochojska: There is a huge problem with communication in the center for foreignersTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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