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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Migrants, including children, pushed abroad. Former Ombudsman for Children Marek Michalak comments

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A group of migrants, including women and children, was sent to the border with Belarus. According to the spokeswoman of the Podlasie Border Guard, “the procedure in accordance with the regulation” was applied to them. – Pushing out migrants does not absolve us of responsibility. We will be very ashamed of these times – commented on TVN24 former spokesman for children’s rights Marek Michalak.

On Monday, over 20 migrants, including women and eight children, stayed in front of the Border Guard post in Michałów in Podlasie.

A group of migrant children in front of the Border Guard building in MichałówTVN24

On Wednesday, Katarzyna Zdanowicz, a spokeswoman for the Podlasie Border Guard Unit, said in an interview with TVN24 reporter Marta Abramczyk that “the procedure was applied to migrants in accordance with the regulation”. She confirmed that there were women and children among them. When asked if it meant that they had been taken back to the border, Zdanowicz replied: – Yes, they were brought to the border line and now they are in Belarus.


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Migrants with children pushed abroad. Former RPD: there could be another tragedy

On Thursday, the guest of TVN24 was the former Ombudsman for Children, Marek Michalak. He said that “by following the procedures laid down in the ordinance, and forgetting elementary human rights, we cross the border of humanity.”

– These children are really vulnerable, you don’t even have to check them whether they are threatening or not. They require immediate help, support, and not just crowding away from us. This cannot be done in the 21st century, in Central Europe, in a democratic country, he emphasized.

– Who will take responsibility if any of these children don’t make it another night? And it is very likely, because the conditions are what they are – said Michalak. In his opinion, “there may be another tragedy”.

A migrant with a child in front of the Border Guard building in MichałówAgnieszka Sadowska / Agencja Gazeta

Michalak: pushing out migrants does not absolve us of responsibility

As he said, “apart from all formalities and translations, everyone should look in the mirror and answer the question: have I done everything to help other people?”.

– You should shake another man’s hand when he needs it. I understand that there is an unclean game on the other side (from Belarus – ed.), But even more so, if the pawns on this chessboard are human lives, then we should do everything to help them – the former RPD noted.

– And if they are already here, pushing them out (…) does not absolve us from responsibility. Quite the opposite. This is a huge burden, we will really be ashamed of these times – he emphasized.

Michalak: Pushing out migrants does not absolve us of responsibility. Quite the oppositeTVN24

Main photo source: Agnieszka Sadowska / Agencja Gazeta

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