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Migrants on the border with Belarus, children from Michałów. President Andrzej Duda comments

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President Andrzej Duda commented on, among other things, the situation on the border with Belarus at a conference organized jointly with the President of Austria, Alexander van der Bellen. – The Belarusian services de facto push migrants to our border – he said. He stressed that “we are responsible for guarding the border”, which is also the border of the European Union.

Last week, a group of migrants – including women and eight children – who stayed near the Border Guard building in Michałów, was sent back to the border with Belarus. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Border Guard. Meanwhile, the state of emergency at the border was extended for another 60 days. It was held on this matter stormy debate in the Sejm.

The representative of migrants from Usnarz Górny: we have reasonable reasons to believe that they were pushed out of the territory of PolandTVN24

Duda: We are responsible for guarding the border

President Andrzej Duda commented on the situation on the border on Tuesday, after a meeting with Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen, who is visiting Poland. President Duda called the actions of Belarus “a kind of hybrid war”.

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– Belarusian services de facto push migrants to our border, where people from various countries, including Iraq, are brought to Minsk by air, where these people are later directed to the border, mainly now Polish, but as you know, also Lithuanian and Lithuanian Latvian – said Andrzej Duda.

The president stated that “we are responsible for guarding the border, because it is not only the border of the Republic of Poland, it is also the border of the European Union, it is the border of the Schengen area, and therefore also the border of European security”. – We fulfill our task as best as possible. We have a very well functioning Border Guard, very well equipped. Thanks to this, we can guard this border in an effective manner – he emphasized.

Migrants sent from Michałów to the border. Jacek Białas: it’s against the law TVN24

Duda: Emergency trucks stopped at the border

Andrzej Duda also said that “we wanted to provide humanitarian aid for these migrants, unfortunately the Belarusian side did not pass this humanitarian aid to Belarus.”

– Trucks with this help have been stopped at the border and are kept at this border for a long time – he explained. – Therefore, if someone is responsible today for the misfortune of these people and for all the misfortunes that take place there, for their difficult situation and for those who suffer there, or for those who – unfortunately – died there, then it is only the Belarusian side that accepts these people, brings them home by plane, then pushes them to the border and behaves in a way that has not actually been recorded in international relations so far, violating all standards, he added.

– Please ask yourself why the regime of Mr Lukashenka is not pushing these people to the border crossings? – said Andrzej Duda. – Why are they directed by the Belarusian services to the so-called green border? Why not at border crossings? The answer is simple – he said. – Well, then it would also threaten the economic interests of Belarus, and today it allows for a hybrid war against Poland and the European Union as a response to the sanctions imposed on Belarus in connection with the behavior of President Lukashenka’s regime in connection with the unlawful forcing of the landing of the Ryanair plane in connection with the arrest of one of the Belarusian oppositionists and the entire situation of persecution that is taking place in Belarus today against those who simply want a democratic, honest state, who want to democratically elect their authorities, the president enumerated.

In his opinion, “the rights of those people who cross our border are fully respected, and all international and European standards in this area are implemented by us.” – There are people who manage to cross this border, and appropriate procedures provided for by law are carried out in relation to these people. In this respect, European law is also implemented by us – assured Andrzej Duda.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara / PAP

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