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Migrants on the border with Belarus. The Border Guard publishes announcements in four languages

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For several days, Border Guard officers and soldiers have been informing migrants who are trying to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border via a megaphone that such action is punishable by a penalty, said Second Lieutenant Anna Michalska, spokeswoman for the Border Guard. Information is provided in English, French, Arabic and Persian.

– Since the beginning of the year, there have been 18.3 thousand attempts to cross the border illegally, so this is a really huge number – a spokeswoman for the Border Guard announced at a press conference on Wednesday.


Megaphone announcements addressed to migrants

Lt. Anna Michalska said that a car of the Polish Army and the Border Guard has been present on the Polish-Belarusian border for several days.

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– Officers use a megaphone to inform people trying to cross the border illegally that it is a Polish-Belarusian border, it is a guarded border, there is a penalty for crossing it, and they will be staying in Poland illegally – she said.

As she pointed out, criminal liability – in this case up to 8 years imprisonment – also threatens people who pick up illegal immigrants. – This information is (passed on – ed.) In communications. The messages are in four languages ​​- English, French, Arabic and Farsi, she said.

Migrants in hospitals. Data of the Border Guard

A spokeswoman for the Border Guard said that there are currently 15 illegal migrants in hospitals, including children. – Yesterday I informed you about a Syrian who escaped from the hospital on Monday. It is not the first person who, despite the fact that she declared that she wanted to apply for international protection, escaped from the hospital. There have already been two such cases – a Congo citizen escaped from the hospital in September. This woman declared that she had health problems. The procedure was performed, she had excellent care in a hospital in Białystok, and then she escaped and jumped out of the window. She probably did not want help in Poland, he wanted to reach his family in France – reported 2nd Lt. Michalska.

As she added, a similar event also took place in October.

Photo from August 21, 2021. Border guards and Polish Army soldiers at the border with Belarus near the town of Usnarz Górny near KrynekArtur Reszko / PAP

Main photo source: Artur Reszko / PAP

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