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Migrants on the Polish-Belarus border. “Medics on the border” hand over the duties – they will be taken over by the Medical Rescue Team of the Polish Center for International Aid

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On November 15, the “Medic at the Border” group will be on duty at the border with Belarus. The next day, their duties will be taken over by the Medical Rescue Team of the Polish Center for International Aid.

The “Medycy na border” group consists of volunteers providing medical aid to immigrants and refugees in Podlasie (outside the state of emergency). The last duty at the border will be on November 15.

“From the beginning of our presence at the border, we announced that we would be there – as ‘Medics on the border’ – until November 15. After what we saw, we survived and who we helped during nearly 40 shifts, we know one thing. Independent medical assistance cannot disappear from there. First of all, people need it – women, men and children, for whom we are often the only hope for such help, “we read in a statement published on social media.

“Medyks on the border” teamFB- Medics At The Frontier

“For many of us, the ‘Medycy na border’ campaign was one of the most important professional experiences. We believe that we have done this task well and we feel proud that we were able to give our energy and experience to this matter” – they wrote.

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Medical PCPM Emergency Team – who are they?

They informed that for several weeks they had “held talks” with the Medical Rescue Team of the Polish Center for International Aid, which would take over their duties.

The PCPM Medical Rescue Team is the first and only in Poland certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) medical emergency medical team (EMT) to humanitarian crises and natural disasters. He has made rescue missions in Lebanon after an explosion in a port, an earthquake in Nepal, mudslides in Peru or a flood in Bosnia. Team members also helped during the protests in the Maidan in Kiev, and since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have carried out nearly 10 missions on three continents, starting from the Italian Lombardy, where they supported the staff of local hospitals together with military medics from the Military Institute of Medicine – we read on the organization’s website.

The PCPM Medical Rescue Team will start operating at the border on November 16.

“‘Medics at the border’ will remain largely at the border”

“Medics at the border” gave them drugs, medical equipment, an emergency number and developed procedures. “The doctors on duty as part of our initiative will be able to join the Foundation’s team. 21 people have expressed such readiness. ‘Medics on the border’ will therefore remain largely on the border, using their knowledge and experience gained from our activities” – we read in the message.

A state of emergency and journalists are not allowed to enter

Since September 2, due to the migratory pressure in the border zone with Belarus, 183 localities of the Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodships have been in a state of emergency. Under the ordinance of President Andrzej Duda, issued at the request of the Council of Ministers, the state of emergency was first introduced for 30 days, and then at the end of September the Sejm agreed to extend it by another 60.

Journalists have no access to the area under the state of emergency. When reporting on the events at the border, the media can use almost exclusively official government recordings and information.

Minister of the Interior Mariusz Kamiński he said on Saturday on the RMF FM radio that journalists from editorial offices that have nationwide coverage will be able to work in the border area on the terms specified by the Border Guard. Such a possibility is to be introduced by the amendment to the act on border protection, which will apply after the end of the state of emergency.

Main photo source: FB- Medics At The Frontier

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