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Migrants on the Polish-Belarus border. The policemen set up additional tents and cover the area where foreigners are camping

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Polish uniformed services – the Border Guard, the army and the police – which guard the border with Belarus at the level of the village of Usnarz Górny (Podlasie) and secure the place where migrants have been camping for several days, have established their campsite. It partially covers the area where there is a group of foreigners.

At the height of Usnarz Górny, near the border with Belarus, two large police tents were put up, and portable toilets were erected – all right next to the border strip, so just a few hundred meters from the place where journalists and volunteers of organizations that work for refugees are located.


From behind the cars and tents, it is impossible to see how many Border Guard officers and soldiers are in one shift, and whether such changes take place at all. You can see the traffic among the policemen, because they protect the entrance to the meadow, behind which there is an area with service cars and a border strip.

The policemen are standing motionless behind the tape separating this area – they are positioned every few or a dozen meters, they change every hour to one and a half. After the entire shift is over, they are taken by police jeeps to Usnarz Górny, from there they depart in larger vehicles.

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Police officer at the border with BelarusPAP / Artur Reszko


The services do not allow assistance to be transferred to migrants

You cannot see the refugee tents and it is difficult to count how many there are at the moment. When on Thursday morning the cars of the Polish services did not separate this place from the view from Usnarz Górny, three small tents were visible. The Polish Border Guard speaks of a group of 24 people or slightly larger, the Ocalenie foundation – based on communication with this group – about 32 people.

About ten tents of various sizes were set up by volunteers, mainly people working or cooperating with the Ocalenie foundation. On Thursday, when it was raining for several hours and it was less than 15 degrees Celsius, it was quite quiet and peaceful there. It got louder when the interpreters contacted the refugees through a megaphone. In the morning they talked with them about their health and food, in the afternoon they checked their personal data.

Poland believes that Belarus is responsible for the situation of refugees. The uniformed services guarding the group do not allow them to be provided with help directly from the Polish side, e.g. by Salvation volunteers. On Thursday like this The clergy also received a negative answerwho brought medicines, water and packed lunches to Usnarz Górny. As they said, they heard from the commander on the spot that these were the orders.

Main photo source: PAP / Artur Reszko

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