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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Migration crisis. Migrants being withdrawn from Poland to the border with Belarus. Accounts of activists and explanations of a spokeswoman for the Border Guard

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According to the Border Guard, the group of Kurds found in Narewka was turned back because they did not want to stay in Poland. The Ocrzenie Foundation, which is on site, says the truth is different. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

A six-year-old boy sleeps on the bare ground for the third night in a Belarusian forest. Like the rest of the Iraqi Kurdish family: 13 people, including four children. On Sunday, they were detained in a Polish woman in Narewka. They left sleeping mats there because they thought that the Border Guard was taking them to their facility.


They did not end up in the guard post, but back to the border. Journalists receive appeals for help from them. For three days, reporters have been asking the Border Guard about the fate of this group. On Monday, they heard that they were under the care of Polish border guards. – The post in Narewka, they are in service rooms – assured the spokeswoman of the Border Guard, Sec. Anna Michalska.

But when journalists managed to get in touch with the migrants, it turned out not to be true. The migrants wrote that the guards had taken them to the forest to the border. This was also confirmed by the resident who recorded the deportation. – The Border Guard came and started to load this group on a truck – says Maciej Jaworski, a resident of the Narewka area.

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Migrants are being withdrawn from Poland to the border with BelarusTVN24

Conflicting reports on asylum applications

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the Border Guard, when asked about the group from Narewka, first spoke about two other groups, then when asked by a TVN24 reporter, she said that the Kurds could be returned to the border. – If the applications were not accepted, then these people clearly did not want protection in Poland – explains 2nd Lt. Anna Michalska.

The withdrawal of the Kurds from Narewka to the border was finally confirmed by the Podlasie Border Guard, which wrote that the Kurds were turned back because they did not want to stay in Poland. The Ocrzenie Foundation, which was on site, says otherwise. – I said that I am an attorney, that I declare on behalf of people that they want to apply for protection – assures Piotr Bystrianin from the Salvation Foundation.

A resident of the Narewka area, who witnessed the situation, also heard it. – They were told about asylum in Poland. They accepted it, they were even happy – says Maciej Jaworski.

They declared their willingness to obtain protection in Poland thanks to the help of an interpreter who was present during the detention. When they got into the military truck, the interpreter was no longer with them. – Instead of being equal to the task and implementing the procedures provided for by law in Poland, many of them are exported. There are round-ups and transports towards Belarus – says Iwo Łoś from the Granica Group.

There is no escape from Belarus. Migrants exploited by the regime – tired and disappointed, they are on the verge of exhaustion.

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