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Migration pact. There is a decision of the European Parliament

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In total, on Wednesday, the chamber voted on ten legislative texts included in the pact. All of them were accepted. Activists opposed to the pact who were present in the Brussels meeting room tried to disrupt the vote.

Just before the vote, the Prime Minister spoke out against adopting the migration pact in its current form Donald Tusk.

I remain adamant on this point and I want to say that my conversations and translations are effective, certainly the capitals in Europe understand our arguments – argued the boss Polishgovernment's ego in a conversation with journalists.

After the vote, Donald Tusk assured that Poland would not agree to the relocation mechanism. – The migration pact gained a majority despite the votes of Polish MEPs. Poland will not agree to the relocation mechanism – emphasized the Prime Minister.

He argued that “we will see what the final version of the pact will be.” – I have some ability to build alliances – Tusk pointed out. He added that a possible mechanism for paying for not accepting migrants “will not apply to Poland.”

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Donald Tusk drew attention to the determination of the supporters of the pact for the sake of… upcoming elections to European Parliament. – Anyway, we'll come back to this topic – he admitted.

Migration pact adopted by the European Parliament

Remodeling was proposed by the EC in 2016., but due to the proposed forced relocation, it was blocked by some member states. The EP voted on the new version, initially agreed with the Council of the European Union in December 2023 and presented by the EC in 2021. It assumes two mechanisms to support countries under migration pressure. Launching the so-called mechanism voluntary solidarity – enshrined in the regulation on migration and asylum management – will mean deploying at least 30,000 every year people. Member countries will alternatively be able to pay PLN 20,000. euro for each person not admitted or to take part in operations at the external borders of the Union.

The mechanism of the so-called enhanced solidarity – activated in emergency situations in which the number of people crossing the EU borders is so large that it threatens the efficiency of the system. Here, too, countries are to retain the ability to choose the aid path. The regulation on responding to crisis situations was adopted with the votes of 322 MPs, 266 were against and 31 abstained.

The migration pact will still have to be accepted by the EU Council, in which member countries are represented. The Polish government announced a vote against, as it argues Ministry of Interior and Administrationwork on the regulations ended a week after the current government was sworn in, and the result of this work, carried out by the previous team, is “far from sufficient”.

The EU commissioner was in favor. “We have rejected the arguments of the far right”

On Wednesday morning, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson expressed her opinion that the European Parliament should support the adoption of the Pact on Asylum and Migration. – With this agreement we have precipitated the arguments of the far right – she pointed out.

The adoption of the pact will be “a great moment for Europe that will show that we are able to take political issues such as migration with great commitment,” Johansson said in an interview published on Wednesday by the Corriere della Sera daily. She emphasized that this was a “key agreement”.

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